Sunday, 22 March 2009

Canibus, DMX & Noreaga - Hot 97 freestyle

As promised here’s the Canibus, DMX and Noreaga freestyle session from Hot 97. Its from late 97/early 98 when these 3 were about to drop their highly anticipated solo debuts.
This period was something of a changing of the guard in Hip Hop. Biggie had died, Death Row had lost Dre and 2Pac, Jay Z and Nas had just released slightly disappointing albums and Eminem was yet to blow up. The time was right for new artists to come through. Unfortunately Canibus could never really get his beat selection on point (possibly due to hanging out with Wyclef too much), DMX was huge for a while and then lost the plot completely and Noreaga managed some solid material but then decided Reggaeton was the future.
Anyway, this is heavy. Flex is on the tables cutting up a load of classic breaks for them to rhyme over. It went on a bit longer than the 30 minutes here but my tape ran out.


Shout out to Supar Novar


  1. was about to rip this one, this definately had that changing of the guard feel to it at the time. I remember fat joe saying he had pun downstairs but they wouldnt let them up

  2. thanks for this man. i remember having this taped. is there anyway i can get the full version anywhere? i recall it being around the 40 min mark.

  3. I seem to remember a post about it over at so you could have a search over there. I might have imagined it though (!)

    its a good site anyway so check it out.

  4. Yao, I had this taped and it increased my SAT verbal score more than 100 pts. Any chance you can repost this? It's dead on ZShare

  5. i'll try and re-up it later today

  6. The show was part of the New York Rap Exchange hook up with Radio 1 and Hot 97 on March 1998.