Wednesday 29 May 2013

Kay Slay - Renegades pt 9 (2002)

Along with Clue, Kay Slay was the at the top the mixtape game in the early 00s, and many an average track has been enhanced by his aggy bellowing. This CD was where I first heard the Clipse & LOX collab 'I'm Not You' (one of both groups finest moments), LL's '10 Million Stars' and Styles P's 'Good Times' (aka 'I Get High'). Other standouts are the Sauce Money joints and the Flipmode Squad freestyle at the start


Monday 27 May 2013

The Infinite Hip Hop Show 26.05.13

Last night's show on Kane FM. The usual mix of new joints and classics, with a 30 minute UK special chucked in for good measure.

Catch the show live every other Sunday from 9-11pm UK time.

The Diggers Union - Enjoy & Be Educated #1313 with guest mix by DJ Step One!

I dropped a guest mix for The Diggers Union this past weekend on their 'Enjoy & Be Educated' show. Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected did something for my show on Kane FM last month so I returned the favour with 30 minutes of mid-90s flavour, throwing in a few nice blends along the way.

You can stream/download it HERE

Saturday 25 May 2013

DJ Clue - Hate Me Now 2 (2002)

Staying on the early 00s mixtape tip, this one got a lot of play from me back in the day. Rocafella were running things back then and they're all over the tracklist, particularly as 'State Property' was about to drop. These CDs are always good for rediscovering or picking up on songs that didn't really blow up; personal favourites on this one are Mobb Deep's 'Its Over' (listed as 'U Aint Ready 2 Die'), the Styles P freestyle over 'Times Up' and Beanie Sigel & Young Chris 'Home Of Philly'. As cheesey as the sample is, I always liked 'The Champions' aswell (and I fucking hate Queen). I think that might be the first time I heard Kanye rap.

Monday 20 May 2013

DJ Juice - Volume 51 (2001)

Alot of the mixtapes I've ripped recently have tended to be to be on the boom-bap backpacker side of things. Nothing wrong with that of course but I thought I'd switch it up and drop some early 00s mix CDs for you, starting off with a dope mix by DJ Juice...


The whole thing is a pretty good snapshot of what was hot in NYC 12 years ago but highlights include the Bars & Hooks/Prodigy tracks (the 12" of which I posted a couple of years ago) and the Foxy Brown and Charli Baltimore freestyle.

Saturday 18 May 2013

Sparkle Motion - Flight School Vol 3 (2013)

DJ Yoda and OBFZL contributor Tobes return in their Sparkle Motion guise for another of their 'Flight School' mixes.

"Buckle up and brace yourselves for Sparkle Motion's third and final installment of their hugely popular "Flight School" mixtape series. If you've flown with them before, you already know what to expect: first class 80s funk, soul and R&B breaks, obscure and familiar, all mixed together with superior turntable skills. Download and prepare for take off..."


Thursday 16 May 2013

Kam 'Peace Treaty' original version (1992)

Shout to Craig for coming through with some audio of this for me. Kam's debut album 'Neva Again' was a favourite of mine when it dropped but one thing that always bothered me was that the version of 'Peace Treaty' (also the lead single) was different to the one that had been getting played on Westwood and Kiss FM. I thought that maybe it existed as a remix on the promo or test press but so far the only place it has emerged is in the form of this mp3 ripped from a tape of a Westwood show from December 1992.


Ok, its not drastically different, but that sample in the chorus is missing on the LP version and although hearing it now, it admittedly sounds a bit cluttered, I always felt that the released version was missing something without it. As with alot of these kind of situations I guess it comes down to which version you heard first. Either way, Rap Nerds love them some unreleased alternative versions so it had to be posted.

Monday 13 May 2013

The Infinite Hip Hop Show 12.05.13
with guest mix by DJ A To The L !

Last night's show on Kane FM, featuring a dope guest mix by DJ A To The L out of Florida.
I've had some great mixes on the show over the last year but I feel like he kind of upped the ante with this one. Don't sleep.

To return the favour I sent him over a mix for his show on WVFS, which aired on Saturday night
He's posted both mixes on his site so go here to check them out . Hopefully we'll hook up another GU1 - 850 Rap Exchange later in the year.

Saturday 11 May 2013

DJ Step One 'Its Nine Six'

Had a bit of time to kill the other night so knocked this up (one take/no planning). It turned out ok so get on it if you're feeling in the mood for some 96 business...



Jay Z ft Sauce Money & Big Jaz 'Bring It On'
INI 'Think Twice'
Show & AG - U Know Now
Young Zee 'Milk (People Call Me)'
Common 'The Bitch In Yoo'
Ed OG 'Dedicated'
Mobb Deep ft Nas & Big Noyd 'Give It Up Fast'
2Pac 'Ambitionz Az A Ridah'
Puff Daddy ft The LOX 'All About The Benjamins' (original version)
Bootcamp  Click 'Headz Aint Redee'
Ghostface Killah ft Raekwon & Cappadonna 'Fish'
Ras Kass 'Soul On Ice' (remix)
Kool G Rap ft Nas 'Fast Life' (Vinyl Reanimators remix)
A Tribe Called Quest 'Mr Incognito'
Cypress Hill 'Illusions' (Q Tip remix)
Doo Wop & King Sun 'New York Love (All Eyes On Sun)'
Camp Lo 'Coolie High' (Paradise mix)
Raekwon & Ghostface Killah 'Rainy Dayz' (remix)
Redman 'Funkorama'

Don't forget to check The Infinite Hip Hop Show this Sunday night on Kane FM. I'll be doing my thing from 9-11pm UK time. If you're a DJ (specifically, one that can mix 2 records together) and want to submit a guest mix for the show then get in touch

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Redman & Biz Markie freestyle (1990)

One thats been online before but I couldnt find the MP3 so I just ripped it off a tape I had instead.

I think this originally first surfaced on Stretch Armstrong's blog (and as that was 6 years years ago, the links are now dead)
"We'd play this cassette on the air frequently, despite the awful sound quality, and it was regularly requested. It's the first time most people heard Redman, and you could imagine the buzz it created for the young Reggie Noble. Red has often sited us playing this as his break - the reason he got on. That may or may not be true, but it definitely created a huge interest in him among the listeners. Biz is entertaining as usual, but because this is only audio, you don't get the full Biz experience. Redman, on the other hand, just destroys it."

Thursday 2 May 2013

UK Takeover live freestyle (2003)

Some classic UK business. Jehst, Braintax, Tubby T (RIP), Fallacy, Lee Ramsay, Roach The English Kid and Ms Redz spitting live over 'In Da Club' and 'Made You Look'. Fallacy kills it.


This is something I downloaded from somewhere about 10 years ago and recently rediscovered on a spindle of old CDRs. Trying to find out a bit of background info on it hasnt been easy though. Until I'm told otherwise, I'm going with it being broadcast live on BBC 1xtra from the UK Takeover event in Nottingham that ran for a few years. If anyone knows any more/different then let me know.