Tuesday 26 July 2011

Ultramagnetic MCs freestyle

Another one out of the Westwood vaults: Kool Keith, TR Love, Ced Gee and Tim Dog freestyling on the Capital Rap Show back in 1988-89...


The Show

For those of you who need to be told, these are old flyers - not adverts for upcoming events! Im not sure if the Busta flyer is for the show that ended in The Forum getting torn up, or for the comeback show (when he actually performed). I have a feeling that the Raekwon show might've been cancelled at the last minute. I'm still a bit gutted I was too young to reach Flava Of The Month...

Monday 25 July 2011

One FM Rap Show 'Top 10 At 10' (1995)

First up out of the pile of Westwood tapes I received last week is this 'Top 10 At 10' from August 1995...

Obviously there was a lot of great music dropping back then but the thing that really time-stamps the era is the banter between the songs - there's a lot of 'keep it real', 'represent' and 'no diggedy', because thats how Rap People spoke back then...

Notorious BIG – One More Chance (Stay With Me)
Junior MAFIA – Player’s Anthem
Method Man – The Riddler
Luniz – I Got 5 On It
AZ – Sugarhill
Doug E Fresh – Where’s The Party At
Method Man & Redman – How High
GZA – Labels (remix)
Keith Murray – This That Hit
Raekwon & Ghostface - Criminology

Thanks to Richard for the original tape of this one.

Sunday 24 July 2011

DJ Step One 'Early 00s Rap Stuff' mix

So, before I get my shit together and start ripping some of these tapes I've acquired I thought I'd post up this mix I knocked up during the week. There's no real theme to it, I just wanted some stuff I hadn't heard for a while to listen in the car. I suppose it could be best summed up as 'East Coast hood shit that you might have found on a Clue or Kay Slay tape'. I only used vinyl, for those of you care about that kind of thing.



Game ft G Unit 'Hate It Or Love It'
Mobb Deep ft Big Noyd 'Double Shots'
Capone N Noreaga 'Invincible'
Freeway ft Peedi Crack 'Flipside' (blend w/ 'Nothin')
Beanie Sigel & Freeway 'Roc The Mic'
Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek 'So Whatcha Sayin'
Nas 'Made You Look' (blend w/ '2 Gunz Up')
Nas 'Thiefs Theme'
Phillys Most Wanted ft Fabolous & Clipse 'Cross The Border' remix
Jay Z, Memphis Bleek & Geda K 'Murda Murda'
Kool G Rap 'First Nigga'
Clipse ft Ab Liva, Rosco and Pharrell 'Hot Damn'
Cam'ron & Juelz Santana 'Harlem'
G Dep, P Diddy & Black Rob 'Lets Get It'
G Dep ft Keith Murray, Ghostface & Craig Mack 'Special Delivery' remix
Gang Starr 'The Ownerz'

I originally posted this on Saturday without realising that the recording levels were way too loud and it was distorting. If you were one of the 18 who downloaded it between then and last night you might want to delete and cop it again.
I'm very much aware that I need to step my game up as far as artwork to accompany my mixes goes.

Thursday 21 July 2011

Media Assassin

Mark 563 has set up a new tumblr dedicated to posting up scans of classic Hip Hop magazines like HHC, The Source, Represent etc. GO HERE

On a similar tip, the ever reliable Martorialist shared this article from the November 93 issue of The Source with rappers and journalists selecting their favourite music and memories from back in the day. Highly recommended as there's some great anecdotes in there.

I had a ridiculous amount of mags from the first issue of HHC in 88/89 onwards but had to ditch the lot when I moved so its good to see things like this appearing!

I've been lucky enough to receive a nice batch of tapes in the post recently(lots of Westwood, along with a few others) so expect some treats to appear very soon. I'm off on on holiday next week so I'll try and throw a few bits up before then.

Saturday 9 July 2011

Funkmaster Flex
'Big Truck Series Volume 1' freestyles (2001)

This 12" a is collection of some of the highlights of Flex's 'Big Truck Series' mixtape. It kicks off with Nas 'Stillmatic' (the dis track over the 'Paid In Full' beat) and is followed by 2 short freestyles by Fabolous and Kurupt. The flipside features Redman and some weed carriers, Busta and Rah Digga, a Foxy Brown freestyle recorded live on Hot 97 and Benzino wraps things up.


I've got the 12" of the Nas track if anyone is need of a good quality/no DJ version.

Saturday 2 July 2011

Tim Westwood - Capital Rap Show (26.01.91)

Long time followers of this blog will know that the updates slow down once the sun comes out, which I why I havent dropped too much recently. I did have a bit of time earlier today to rip this tape of the Capital Rap Show from 1991. Lots of Juice Crew/Cold Chillin stuff (Kane, Master Ace, Genius and Kid Capri) on this one...

Thanks to diseone for the tape.

NB: I did have to edit out the excruciatingly long remix of Guy's 'Her'. It goes on for about 8 minutes and really hasnt aged very well.