Saturday 24 November 2012

DJ J Live - Homemade Blends Vol 1 (2002)

Interesting blend CD by J Live (yep, the underground rapper dude), dropping 80s and 90s R&B acapellas over newer Hip Hop instrumentals. Some slightly unusual choices of beats on certain tracks but overall its executed pretty well. If you ever wondered what Jody Watley would sound like over Pastor Troy's 'Are We Cuttin' then wonder no more...


Thursday 22 November 2012

The Infinite Hip Hop Show on Kane FM 18.11.12

A bit late but here's my most recent show on Kane FM. After a bit of a reshuffle in the schedule I'm back to doing Sunday nights once a month for now. This was the first time I'd been on air for about 6 weeks so it was good to get back to it. I reintroduced myself with 2 hours of 90s business.

Wednesday 21 November 2012

DJ Yoda mixtape (1997)

 (NB: sound quality on this is a bit up and down but decent enough for the most part)

 UPDATE 14/12:Turns out my copy was a bootleg...

Monday 19 November 2012

Richie Rich on Kiss FM (1991)

Another tape of Richie Rich doing his thing on the Rap Academy show in the early days of (legal) Kiss FM in London. This is from January 1991 and features music by Gang Starr, Jungle Brothers, Brand Nubian and Kool G Rap...


All about the advert for the first series of Beverly Hills 90210 on this one

Sunday 11 November 2012

DJ Step One 'An R&B Sumting'

I pretty much gave up on R&B around 2005 but prior to that I was DJing a lot of nights where it was the order of the day. I hadn't played the tracks on this mix much since those days but it turned out ok (especially considering it was one-take with no planning). If you don't like it, your lady will.


112 'Dance With Me'
Ciara ft Petey Pablo 'Goodies'

Usher ft P Diddy 'I Dont Know'
Jennifer Lopez ft Fabolous 'Get Right' (remix)
R Kelly ft Big Scoob 'Fiesta' (remix)
Amerie 'One Thing'
Mystikal 'Shake Ya Ass'
Truth Hurts ft Rakim 'Addictive' (remix)
Kelis ft Nas 'In Public'
Amy Winehouse ft Ghostface Killah 'You Know I’m No Good' (remix)
Maxwell 'Ascension'
In Essence 'You Will Never Find'
Jade 'Dont Walk Away'
Mariah Carey ft Mase & The LOX 'Honey' (Bad Boy remix)
SWV ft Wu Tang Clan 'Anything' (remix)
Horace Brown 'One For The Money' (DJ Step One blend)
Mary J Blige ft LL Cool J 'Mary Jane (All Night Long)'
Boyz II Men 'Thank You' (Untouchables remix)
Aaliyah 'Back And Forth'

Friday 9 November 2012

some S. Carter heat....

The OB4ZL resurrection continues with a few Jay Z bits for you and yours....

An alternate version that appeared on the flipside of the original 'Dead Presidents' 12". No Mary J on this one, and there's a different second verse.

A quick 16 live on Sway & Tech's legendary show 

No idea who's responsible for this but its nice mash-up of Jay's 'Encore' over the Cheryl Lynn classic of the same name.

I'm not entirely sure where this is from (possibly Flex on Hot 97) but I've taken it from a DJ F-Sharp 'Top 5 Dead Or Alive' mixtape. Its dope though.

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Shyne - Tim Westwood freestyle (1999)

More Bad Boy ish. Shyne spits something for Tim Westwood back in '99...

I was never completely sold on Shyne when he first came out but he had a few decent tracks on that first album, mainly the singles 'Bad Boys' and 'Thats Gangsta'. I was in NY when his second one dropped (while he was in prison if I remember right) and the hype was ridiculous. The jail sentence had elevated him from "competent rapper that sounds a bit like Biggie" to "da riliss in da streetz, yo!" but the lead single was called 'Jimmy Choo' for fucks sake. There was also a joint using the 'Verbal Intercourse' beat which I cant find anywhere. Could've been a mixtape thing I guess. If anyone knows what I'm on about hook me up. I dont like the way P Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers either.