Sunday 28 October 2012

Black Rob ft The LOX 'Can I Live'
unreleased version (1999)

What you know about an alternative version of one of Bad Boy's finest moments with a different Black Rob verse? Hopefully the answer to that question is a blank stare and not "its on the Japanese import of 'Life Story'" because as far as I know this has never been put out there before.

BR's verse on the album version is a personal favourite of mine (especially that "my night time prowess in grimey after-hours/Karl Kani, Mau Malone wear, Eddie Bauers bit") so I wouldnt say this is necessarily better but I know The Internet is always down to hear some rare unreleased 90s business, so you can add this to the list of shit you done heard here first. If anyone knows the background on this get at me. I did tweet Rob about it but havent heard back as yet.

Bloggin Aint Easy (someone gotta do it)

I'm still here but links are getting deaded as fast as I can re-up. My radio schedule has switched up so hopefully that'll free up a bit more other time for other endeavours. I did consider starting up a new site but it seemed a shame to abandon this completely. Anyway, I'm gonna drop something shortly and see what happens from there...