Monday 26 March 2012

Eazy E megamix (1995)

Thanks to The Martorialist for reminding me that today is the anniversary of Eric Wright's death. This seemed a good opportunity as any to re-up this Megamix that dropped as promotional 12" for the 'Eternal E' album.


While 2Pac and the Bigs (Smalls, L and Pun) get a full Twitter timeline takeover on their respective anniversaries, Eazy E seems to be overlooked by the Hip Hop community. Its possibly due to the fact he died of HIV instead of something more glamorous like getting shot the fuck up for no real reason. Also, he'd made his impact before the online generation (for whom Rap starts with Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt) were really paying attention.
All those rap fans who constantly whinge that their favourite artists never gets their due should consider this: Jay Dee (or Dilla if he 'changed your life') gets mixtapes, t-shirts and club nights in his name when all he did was drop a few decent beats here and there and turn A Tribe Called Quest into the blandest group imaginable. On the flipside, Eazy is one of gangsta rap's godfathers, is responsible for the careers of Ice Cube and Dr Dre, and by extension Snoop Dogg. So thats 4 of the best albums of the early 90s under his belt right there, and Ruthless was getting paid off all of that. He also signed Bone Thugs N Harmony, a group who at one point had back catalogue sales rivaled only by 2Pac. If you really want to take it there, you could say he inadvertantly facilitated the rise of Eminem and 50 Cent, and even the fucking Black Eyed Peas. despite being dead by the time all that happened. Imagine a world today, where all those dudes were signed to Ruthless and pay homage!

(NB: I originally posted this Megamix up about 3 years ago without the lengthy pro-Eazy rant)

DJ Step One - 90s Hip Hop Special on Kane FM

Last night's show on Kane FM. Thanks to everyone that tuned in. Its a mix of certified classics and a few less played gems. If you want a download let me know.
For some reason I cant respond to comments at the moment - if anyone knows why this might be then help me out!

Sunday 25 March 2012

2 hour 90s Hip Hop special on Kane FM tonight

One of the reasons posts on here have slowed down a bit in the last few months is that I've been spending alot of time sorting out music for my sets on Kane FM.

Tonight on The Infinite Hip Hop Show I'll be playing 2 hours of 90s Hip Hop, with a mix of classics and a few forgotten gems (in the non-internet sense, as nothing is obscure or forgotten in blogland). I'll be kicking things off at 9pm (UK time) on 103.7FM in Guildford and surrounding areas, or online here.

Saturday 24 March 2012

Public Enemy live in the UK (1995)

This 1995 recording of Public Enemy live at The Phoenix Festival in England was recently broadcast on Sirius XM.


I was especially pleased to see this as I was actually at the show. Memories are pretty sketchy as it was a long time ago ( I was 16) but I remember getting into an Island Records tent and meeting Chuck & Flav, aswell as - randomly - Mark Lamarr, and getting a poster and CD signed which then got nicked out of my tent. Also on the bill were Ice T, The Roots, Guru/Jazzmatazz and a load of other people.

Thanks to Dan at Philaflava for hooking up the link.

Thursday 15 March 2012

Vaporized: Down South Rap mix 1998-2003

Great mix courtesy of the ever reliable Vaporized. I'm not too up on alot of this stuff as it was pretty hard to come by in the UK pre-internet but I usually like what I hear. Definitely recommended...

Slim Thug & Sabwarfare - Peep The Picture
Big Moe ft. Lil' O, Big Hawk - Get Back
Fat Pat ft. Sean Pymp, D-Gotti, Noke D - Head & Shouldaz
Woss Ness - U Can't Ride And Blo My Weed +
Shunny P ft. Bendu - Turnin Corners
Lil' Keke ft. Big Pokey - Dusk 2 Dawn
Dat Boy Grace ft. Wood, Solo D - Time II Shine
Al-D ft. Trae, Shorty Mac - Life & Times
PSK 13 ft. Lil' Flex - Let These Boys Know
ESG ft. Slim Thug, Deshawn Hill - Grippin Grain
Big Pokey ft. Lil' O - That's All We Had
Yungstar ft. Ko, Bam, Lil' Flex, Kool-Aid - Diamonds & Gold
Big Hawk ft. Will Lean, D-Gotti - Do You Luv It
Big Steve ft. Wreckshop Boys - Year 2000
Dat Boy Grace ft. Z-Ro, Wood, Lil' Flex - All About Da Green
Fat Pat ft. D-Gotti, Tyte Eyez - Do What You Wanna Do
ESG ft. Slim Thug, Z-Ro - We Ain't Trippin No Mo
Mista Madd ft. GT, Steve Nice, "D" - Down 4 Whatever
Three 6 Mafia - Ghetto Chick
Mob Figgaz - Young Niggaz
C-Note ft. Lil' Flip - On The South Side

Thursday 8 March 2012

Doo Wop & Tony Touch freestyle (2001)

Weird 12" time: The Diaz Brothers rhyming over a Neptunes beat that I cant place the name of right now. I think this is from an old DJ Enuff tape.


Just noticed this blog is 3 years old today!

DJ Jay Ski - Volume 29 (1998)

I finally got hold of a tape deck so here's the first of a new batch of rips. I was halfway through doing this one when my old tape player died a few months back.
DJ Jay Ski (out of Jersey, not Philly as I think I stated in a previous post) drops Wu Tang, DITC, Redman and Q Tip alongside some indie joints...

Thanks to Richard for the original tape.