Tuesday 17 March 2009

"Live from the corner of Marcy..."

Its pretty hard to come by stuff that is genuinely rare these days. If you know where to look you can probably find all sorts of demos, unreleased mixes and shelved material by artists both known and unknown. This track definitely falls into the latter category.
If I’d have bought this on vinyl when it dropped it would more than likely have been filed alongside the numerous other classic 12”s that dropped around 95-96. However the only place it existed - for me - was on a TDK at the start of one of Pete Rock & Marley Marl’s ‘Future Flavas’ shows on Hot 97 (it may have actually been the last track played on the show before them but whatever). I kept an eye out for it through 10 years of numerous vinyl digging sessions but never found it.
A couple of years back I decided to harness the power of the internets and track it down. No amount of Hip Hop geeks on the forums could help so I googled the names mentioned on the track, one of which was Almighty Wise and – of course – he had a myspace page. He was more than a bit suprised that some bloke from England was after a track he put on tape over 10 years ago but was good enough to send me a full version and some other tracks he'd done.
Shame I'll never have it on vinyl but thats what Serato is for I guess.


I'm not one of these people who just likes stuff cos its rare or obscure but I do really like this track.


  1. dope track bro thanks.. .nice blog keep em coming ;)


  2. There were so many dope underground radio shows back then that I would often forget to check Future Flavaz.Plus, I was teenager, so I was probably out getting in trouble at the hour it aired.I did have about 5 or 6 shows on tape though.It was pretty damn great.Pete would play his own remixes that never got released and sometimes Primo would show up and play demos that he had a hand in or got from his people. I don't remember if he eventually became a part of the show or what.Thanks for this. It's such a shame that all these shows aren't archived.And more heads that still have tapes in their attics or closets need to do like you and rip them shits. Props and thanks again.

  3. Some more info about the artist, aswell as the lyrics, here