Monday 24 June 2019

Radio 1 Rap Show 27.01.95 w/ Coolio & Tom Silverman

Lots going on in this show, with Coolio, his DJ Wino and the 40 Thevz in the house, alongside Tommy Boy boss Tom Silverman, doing some promo for the New Jersey Drive soundtrack.
This tape is one of Diablo's but I definitely had the big ass 20 minute freestyle back in the day, where Coolio and the Thevz go off for bloody ages over Craig Mack's Get Down and the Fuschnickens Breakdown instrumentals (side note: long freestyle sessions benefit hugely from multiple beat changes. Tell Black Thought next time he's up at Flex). Anyway, I stuck this freestyle on the end of my dub of Coolio's It Takes A Thief to fill up the space on the TDK, which was the style at the time.
I've not heard that album in forever but suspect it might still be quite good, if you can get past the whole Gangstas Paradise/Celebrity Big Brother nonsense. Seems strange to think that Coolio was not only once one of the biggest rap artists on the planet, but that he also appears on Death Certificate.
If you like freestyles you also get the Wu live in concert when they were still young, fresh and BFFs and a Masta Ace Inc freestyle. In amongst all that was 2 tracks I didn't recognise. One was Yes N Deed by Society which I was surprised to discover is on Luke Records (thanks to Stilts at DWG for the ID), and the other one in between Wu and Double XX Posse which remains a mystery. Anyone know it? 


Saturday 22 June 2019

Kenny Dope - Joints Vol 1 (1999)

Excellent mix of golden era classics by Kenny Dope...

People throw around the word legend loosely these days but the depth and diversity of KD's production catalogue speaks for itself. Don't sleep on his DJ skills though - I once saw him do an impromptu back to back (literally) on 4 decks with DJ Spinna at a BBE night at The End and they killed it.

Big up Diablo for this one - I think it might be the same mix Westwood played on his show back in '99 but here it is in it's full glory.

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Clark Kent, Biz Markie & Funkmaster Flex live at Mecca (1994)

Recorded live on a Sunday night in NYC back in early '94 (I'm guessing), with Clark Kent, Biz and Flex on the tables at Mecca. If you've checked a few tapes of club nights from this period you'll know that the selection tends to be largely the same but it's a good listen regardless - classic hip hop, funk & soul and breaks.

Thursday 13 June 2019

Evil Dee - Monday Night Flava Mix on Hot 97 (1996)

Another Evil Dee show on Hot 97, this time with Mic Geronimo in the studio. There's also an ad for the The Wiz promoting Eazy E's new album which apparently is/was "the most anticipated hip hop album of all time". Who knew?

Group Home - The Realness
AZ - Your World Don't Stop
Mad Lion & KRS One - Double Trouble
Heltah Skeltah - Let The Brainz Blo
unknown - unknown
Group Home - Suspended In Time (remix)
Large Professor - Mad Scientist
Paula Perry - Paula's Jam
Camp Lo - Killin Em Softly
Pharcyde - Drop (remix)
INI - Props
Mic Geronimo - interview
Mic Geronimo - Wherever You Are
Mic Geronimo ft OC & Royal Flush - Men vs Many
Mic Geronimo - Life Check
Mic Geronimo - Freestyle
INI - Props
Bahamadia - Rugged Ruff
Yvette Michelle - Everynight Everyday (blend w/ Doin It)

Sunday 9 June 2019

Capital Rap Show 14.01.94 with Afrika Islam

Afrika Islam gets in the mix Zulu Beats style on the Capital Rap Show back in '94

Thursday 6 June 2019

Mr Choc & DJ E-Man - Friday Nite Flavas on Power 106 (1996)

Nice to get my hands on some 90s West Coast radio for a change. It definitely wasn't easy to come by in the UK and isn't widely shared online as far as I can tell. This was one of a couple of tapes of Power 106 in LA that Diablo hooked me up with. Mr Choc of the Beat Junkies hosts with DJ E-Man on the tables (who seems to be in the stations in-house mix DJ) and Jeru The Damaja is their guest. Akinyele is announced as being on the show as well but unfortunately doesn't appear on this recording. E-Man is nice in the mix and I'll be posting more from him soon.


Tuesday 4 June 2019

Spinbad & JS 1 - The Cold Cutz Remixes

Bit of a classic tape this one, as Spinbad and JS 1 rework a bunch of (what are now) golden era joints. This is where that Hip Hop vs Rap remix comes from. Full tracklist here.

Sunday 2 June 2019

DJ 3rd Rail & AMC - Big L mix (RIP 2-15-99)

60 minutes of Lil Mont Mont solo tracks and collabs with his DITC crew, bought to you by Chicago's DJ 3rd Rail & AMC.

Big up to Diablo for this one.