Sunday 27 April 2014

Vaporized - R&B Hip Hop Blends (2014)

My computer got shut down by a virus recently so while I'm gradually rebuilding I'm going to source content from elsewhere. Fortunately Vaporized just dropped this blends mix he put together. Part 1 is Hip Hop over R&B beats, Part 2 flips it and uses R&B vocals over Hip Hop beats...

8-Off Assassin - Ghetto Girl (Brownstone Blend)
Ill Al Skratch ft LRC - Brooklyn Uptown Connection (Jade Blend)
Jaz O & Immobilarie - Love Is Gone (Yvette Michele Blend)
Notorious BIG - Party & Bullshit (TLC Blend)
Mobb Deep - Hell On Earth (Aaliyah Blend)
GZA - Beneath The Surface (Joya Blend)
Lil Kim ft Lil Cease, Notorious BIG - Crush On You (Sweet Sable Blend)
AZ - Doe Or Die (Gyrl Blend)
Grand Puba - Little Of This (Mona Lisa Blend)
Gravediggaz - 1800 Suicide (Zhane Blend)
Teflon - Get Mine (Zakiya Blend)
Lord Finesse - Soul Plan (Xscape Blend)
Bahamadia - I Confess (Tha Truth Blend)
Erykah Badu - No Love (loop)
Chantay Savage - I'm Willing (loop)l - Definition Of A Bad Girl (loop)

Yvette Michele - Crazy (Heather B Blend)
Gyrl - Get Your Groove On (Tribe Called Quest Blend)
Sylvia Simone - I'm In Love (Black Moon Blend)
Zakiya - Love Like Mine (Showbiz & AG Blend)
Kut Klose - Lovely Thang (Pete Rock & CL Smooth Blend)
Sweet Sable - Old Time's Sake (Pudgee Blend)
Assorted Phlavors - Make Up Your Mind - (Nas Blend)
Jade - Don't Walk Away (Onyx Blend)
Brownstone - Pass The Lovin' (Pharcyde Blend)
Gina Thompson - The Things You Do (OC Blend)
Allure - Head Over Heels (Herb McGruff Blend)
Miss Jones - Where I Wanna Be Boy (Black Sheep Blend)
Elusion - Medicine (Onyx Blend)
Lechae - Hip Hop (Loop)
Tha Truth! - What U Do 2 Me (Loop)
Robyn - Just Another Girlfriend (Loop)

Monday 21 April 2014

Kid Capri on Hot 97 (1996)

As I just re-upped this Kid Capri tape from 1989 I though I'd also share this set from Hot 97's Mixmasters Weekend back in 1996. I think I originally got it from DJ Soul's blog years ago but if you missed it first time around then here you go...


The video is worth a watch too, especially for the slightly awkward moment (about 9 mins in) when Kid recalls Cipha Sounds taking a shot at him back when he was Flex's weed carrier.

Friday 11 April 2014

DJ Platurn - Crumblin Erb (The Outkast Mix)

Dope Outkast mix courtesy of URB Magazine. DJ Platurn forgoes some of the hits and better known tracks for some of his personal faves as well which is always good...

N2U f/ Khujo Goodie
Elevators [medley]
Crumblin' Erb
Jazzy Belle
Benz Or Beamer w/ Goodie Mob
She Lives In My Lap
Player's Ball [medley]
Land Of A Million Drums f/ Killer Mike
Call The Law f/ Janelle MonĂ¡e
Dracula's Wedding
Rosa Parks
Funkin' Around
Skew It On The Bar-B f/ Raekwon
Roses (Platurn Used To Say blend)
Wheelz Of Steel
Spottieottiedopaliscious (Hot 8 edit)
So Fresh, So Clean

Saturday 5 April 2014

Top Rawmen - My Side's Better...Naw Mine Is!" (1999)

Have to admit that I didn't recognise the name Top Rawmen when I was given this tape but it's  definitely worth checking. DJs Mike C and Nando take a side each. Nando goes in with some early/mid 90s favourites whilst Mike C drops some of the newer releases of the day (Quiet Storm, Nas Is Like) into some blends. As the cover says, the duo were DMC and ITF finalists so there's a couple of routines where they show off their skills but not so much that it messes up the flow of the tape. Enjoy...