Wednesday 29 April 2009

DJ Mastermind - Tape 37 (1997)

Another mix from Canada’s DJ Mastermind. I didnt have much info on him when I posted Tape 36 last week but apparently he works at Vibe 98.5 FM in Calgary now.
Anyway, this tape includes music by Organized Konfusion, The Firm, Cru, EPMD, Common, DITC and the big club tunes of the day (this was the shiny suit era dont forget!) by Mase, LL, Jay Z and Busta.
Definitely worth a listen if you liked the last mix I posted as Mastermind mixes it all together nicely.

Monday 27 April 2009

Tony Touch - Tape #33 (1993)

Classic 1993 action from Tony Toca. I havent seen this one on the net before - although at the rate some blogs update its possible I missed it! - and its the oldest tape of his I have.
Quality is so-so but the selection is top notch: Black Moon, Wu Tang, Rakim, Tribe, and Jeru alongside some less obvious tracks from D Nice, Akinyele, Da Youngstas and Tha Alkaholiks.


Saturday 25 April 2009

Marley Marl on Westwood - 1998 (Part 3)

The Marley Marl mixes I post always prove popular. This is part 3 of his appearance on Westwood’s show back in 1998.
The start has a KRS ONE freestyle off his Hot 97 show with Kris going off over some beats by Marley and Pete Rock. The rest is a showcase of his Juice Crew productions – Biz, Shan, Craig G etc.


Here's Part 1 & 2 if you missed them.


Just found this tucked away on the end of another tape. This is from 1998 when Kid Capri was about to drop his second album. The pair discuss their favourite DJs and tapes and the legendary '52 Beats' mix.


Thursday 23 April 2009

Marley Marl WBLS DVD trailer

If you've been enjoying the various NYC radio show mixes I've posted you'll definitely want to check this. Its a trailer for Marley Marl's forthcoming DVD of never-seen-before video footage of WBLS's In Control radio show with Marley, Clark Kent, a young Pete Rock and Kev E Kev.

Found via Spine Magazine

Wednesday 22 April 2009

DJ Mastermind - Tape 36 (1997)

This is one of my favourite tapes from 97 by Canada’s DJ Mastermind. His mixes had a good selection of underground artists and the bigger names and it seemed like he used to play some songs that might not have got much attention in London or New York. This tape includes EPMD, Nas, Beatnuts, Royal Flush, Buckshot and Common - the tracklist is in the comments section. (I've since got myself a scanne so added the cover)

UPDATE 07/08/2016 - now re-ripped at 320 as the original rip was only 128 and not that great.

As far as I know he is/was a pretty big name but I cant find a picture of him as theres about 100 other DJs using the same name and I'm not sure what he looks like.
I’ve got Tape #37 and #42 aswell so if you’re into this let me know and I’ll post those soon.

Monday 20 April 2009


"NYC DJ's Scott Melker and JayCeeOh, in collaboration with EZ Clothing, bring you “NY STATE OF MIND,” a mix that takes you by train, borough to borough, through New York City. Highlighting the most notable rappers from Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, the compilation is seamlessly mixed and remixed from front to back. “NY State of Mind” takes classic hip-hop enthusiasts on a trip down memory lane while serving as a history lesson for a new generation of hip-hop heads."

Get it HERE

Full tracklist HERE

Sunday 19 April 2009

DJ Semtex - Volume 6 (1996)

DJ Semtex is currently one of the biggest Hip Hop DJs in the UK, but he started out making his name with mixtapes like this one. I bought this from Handspun in the summer of '96 and its one of my favourite tapes from that era. Seeing as DJ MK just posted Semtex's Volume 5 tape I thought I’d push this one to the top of the pile and get it MP3’d for you.
Lots of good stuff on here including Large Pro, Akinyele, Sadat X, East Flatbush Project and Real Live.

He currently holds down a regular show on BBC 1Xtra, check his
blog for more info.

Pete Rock on WBLS (1989) - part one

Here’s another WBLS set from the late 80s; Pete Rock in 1989 dropping some Roxanne Shante, EPMD, Biz Markie, Nice N Smooth and MC Lyte.


This is part 1 so its only 30 minutes long. Part 2 is coming as soon as I get time to edit it.

Pete Rock also did a 2 hour show on Sirius recently alongside Tony Touch. I haven't heard it yet but you can get it HERE

Thursday 16 April 2009

Marley Marl on WBLS, New York (1988)

More classic 80's NYC radio business from Mr Greedy's stash. This one is Marley Marl mixing it up on Mr Magic's pioneering WBLS show back in 1988.
No talking on this, just an hour of tunes including Big Daddy Kane, Queen Latifah, Biz Markie, MC Shan, Kid N Play, Ultramagnetic and more.


The CD I was given of this was tracked and had 2 second gaps between each track. I've edited them out as best I can. It took me a while!

If anyone knows the tune on here that uses Fatback Band's 'I Found Lovin' please tell me what it is, or better yet upload it for me!

UPDATE: that Fatback sampling track is 'Found Lovin' by Hot Day. Thanks to 7L for the ID

DJ Step One - classic 90s mix

Nice 90s mix I made last year; a few anthems and some less obvious tracks. If you liked my 'Lost In Soho'mix you'll enjoy this.


Pete Rock & CL Smooth 'Straighten It Out' (Elektra)
Naughty By Nature 'Ghetto Bastard' (Tommy Boy)
Nubian Crackers ft The Artifacts 'Do You Wanna Hear It' (Big Beat)
Brand Nubian 'All For One' (Elektra)
Black Moon 'Who Got The Props' (Nervous)
Lords Of The Underground 'Chief Rocka' (Pendulum)
A Tribe Called Quest ft Leaders Of The New School 'Scenario' (Jive)
Leaders Of The New School 'Whats Next' (Elektra)
Boogie Down Productions 'Duck Down' (Jive)
Biggie 'Party & Bullshit' original & Lord Finesse remix (Uptown)
Ice Cube ft Das EFX 'Check Ya Self' remix (Priority)
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo 'On The Run' (Cold Chillin)
Gang Starr ft Jeru The Damaja & Lil Dap 'Speak Ya Clout' (Chrysalis)
Das EFX 'Kaught In Da AK' DJ Premier remix (East West)
Channel Live ft Krs One 'Mad Izm' (Capitol)
Krs One 'Outta Here' (Jive)
Paris 'Days Of Old' (Scarface)

I haven't had much time to rip any tapes recently but hopefully there'll be some new bits posted over the next few days so stay tuned.

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Canibus - Tony Touch freestyle

The other Canibus posts I dropped were pretty popular so heres 2 freestyles from around 97-98. Both are off a 4 track white label that I cant find any info on, but the first one is taken from a Tony Touch tape, the second one I'm not so sure. They're fairly short but definitely worth checking.



Monday 13 April 2009

KRS ONE & Common - Hot 97 freestyle (1998)

A pretty unusual combination here, Common (Sense) and KRS ONE live on Hot 97 back in the late 90s, rhyming over the 'Peter Piper' instrumental.
This is taken from the Doo Wop & Tony Touch mixtape Hip Hop On Wax Volume 1. KRS kills it.


Sunday 12 April 2009

EPMD 'Im Housin' (Soul Focus remix)

We cooked this up on friday night and I thought I may aswell share it straight away!
Erick & Parrish's vocals over Young MC's Shaft/Apache sampling 'Know How' with a few more bits and pieces chucked in for good measure. Proper dancefloor business.

UPDATE 06/07/09: LINK REMOVED - but you can listen to/buy HERE

Saturday 11 April 2009

Chuck Chillout live on WBLS New York (1989)

The legendary Chuck Chillout mixing live on WBLS in New York back in 1989.


I've got a few more NYC radio shows from the 80s coming soon.
Thanks to Mr Greedy for the hook up.

As you probably know, Hip Hop Connection has relaunched as an online magazine, the first edition of which drops April 15th. I've been a reader since the first issue came out 20 years ago, so big up the staff for keeping it going so long.
Issue 001 includes: DOOM, Ghost, Dante Ross, Delegates Of Culture, Wordsmith, Mr Lif and Toddla T, plus all the usual album reviews, columns, and irreverent shenanigans.

Get it here

Thursday 9 April 2009

Jay Z - Marley Marl freestyle

Jay Z rhyming over some classic Marley Marl beats. Not sure theres much else to say on this one!


Chris Goldfinger in room 1, myself in room 2. Should be good.

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Eminem & Proof - 10 minute freestyle (1999)

This weekend marks the third year anniversay of Proof's death. I was never much of a D12 fan but Proof is a beast on the mic and I would have loved to have seen him have the opportunity to do more solo stuff. HHC recently ran a feature on Detroit Hip Hop and all the artists interviewed acknowledged his talent and contribution to their local scene.
This is one of a few freestyles he dropped alongside Eminem on Tim Westwood's show during a trip to the UK in 1999. They go back and forth for 10 minutes over LL's '4321' instrumental with punchlines and quotables for days...

"I found out where Canibus' money went, I borrowed a dollar from Wyclef.."

I should have another freestyle from this show to post soon. RIP Proof.

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Snoop Dogg - Capital Rap Show freestyle (1994)

Snoop Dogg freestyling over the 'Nuthin But A G Thang' remix beat back in 94. This was recorded for Tim Westwood's Capital Rap Show, on the same visit that this went down.


Nas, Jadakiss & Ludacris 'Made You Look' (remix) - DJ Step One blend

Following on from the last blend I posted, here's the acapella of Nas 'Made You Look' remix over the Missin Linx 'MIA' instrumental.
Although they use the same David McCallum sample, Missin Linx version was always better than Dre & Snoop's 'The Next Episode' in my opinion and the instrumental fits nicely with Nas, Jadakiss & Ludacris lyrics. Shame those 3 dont lean towards this type of production more often. I guess the acapellas are on the 12" for a reason though...


As with the Crooklyn/Bridge 2001 blend, this was just done on 2 decks with no editing or post production.

Monday 6 April 2009

Cash Money on Westwood (1997)

Another Cash Money set on Westwood. This is from October 97 and features Cash cutting up the upfront tunes of the day by Rakim, Busta, McGruff, Cru, Beatnuts, Gang Starr, The Firm and more. Quality stuff from the Philly legend.

Crooklyn Dodgers vs QBs Finest - DJ Step One blend

Last year I posted a few blends I'd made on a couple of forums and this was one of the most popular. The acapella from QB’s Finest ‘Da Bridge 2001’ gets laid over ‘The Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers’ instrumental. This basically means you have Nas, Mobb Deep, Capone, Nature, Cormega, Millenium Thug (yeah, I know) and MC Shan over one of DJ Premier’s best beats. Can't fail really!


This was just done on 2 Technics and theres no editing or post production but it works nicely as it is.

Sunday 5 April 2009

Royce 5'9, Sauce Money & Black Rob freestyles (1998)

3 very dope and some what underrated MCs here: Royce 5'9 and Sauce Money on The Wake-Up Show with Sway & Tech, and a Black Rob freestyle from a DJ Self mixtape. All 3 are from 1998 (I think)




Friday 3 April 2009

Marley Marl - Radio 1 Rap Show (1998)

Here's the full tape I mentioned in the last post. Marley in the mix on Westwood's show back in October 98.
Aswell as the LL and Canibus remixes I posted yesterday, theres loads of good stuff on here - Gang Starr, Pete Rock, Redman, Blackstar, Method Man, Cappadonna and more.

Thursday 2 April 2009

Unreleased Marley Marl remixes - Canibus & LL Cool J

Whilst ripping a tape of Marley Marl on Westwood I came across these 2 remixes he did that never saw the light of day (as far as I know).
He's revamped Canibus' legendary dis track '2nd Round Knockout' and LL's response 'The Ripper Strikes Back'. Both are improvements on the originals but according to Marley industry politics prevented them getting an official release.
If anyone knows if they were bootlegged or if full versions exist then let me know!

'The Ripper Strikes Back' (Marley Marl remix)

'2nd Round Knockout' (Marley Marl remix)

I'll be posting up the full 90 minutes of the tape these were taken from soon.

Wu Tang Clan live on stage (1994)

Wu Tang freestyling live on stage from 1994. My tape isnt labelled but I have a feeling this was in London.
Some of the beats and rhymes are similar in places to the Capital Rap Show freestyle I posted a while back so its definitely from that era after '36 Chambers' dropped and before the Clan's solo onslaught began.


The first time I saw the Wu live they all walked off stage at the end except Cappadonna who stood alone centre stage and did his verse from ‘Winter Warz’ (one of my favourite verses ever) acapella. Awesome.

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Fat Joe live @ The Palladium, NYC (1996)

A short live set from Fat Joe at the infamous New York nightspot The Palladium. This was just after the release of ‘Jealous Ones Envy’ in 1996.
The quality isn’t ideal at first but soon gets sorted out. Joe performs ‘Flow Joe’, ‘Dedication’, ‘Success’ and ‘Fat Joe’s In Town’. He also brings out Big Pun (then still Big Dog Punisher), Keith Nut and Armageddon to perform and they tear it up over the ‘Broken Language’ instrumental.


Just after he announces Big Pun, the side of the tape ends so theres a slight gap that I did my best to edit out. The levels are louder after that aswell.

Why at so many Hip Hop shows is the hype man’s mic the loudest and when this happens why dont they ever swap mics?

more Pete Rock & Marley Marl - Future Flavas on Hot 97

Seeing as the last one proved quite popular, here's another Future Flavas session, this time from early 1996.
Its only 30 minutes, especially unfortunate when you hear them say what they played before this tape was recording – anybody out there with the full show get in touch!
Anyway, its still as good as you’d expect; did they ever play any wack tunes?!.
Pete Rock drops some Omniscence, Large Pro, Bahamadia, Real Live, Group Home, Cypress Hill (the dope Q-Tip remix of ‘Illusions’), INI, Jamal and a few others.

Update 01/01/19 - now available to stream and download at the Hip Hop Radio Archive