Friday 30 December 2016

DJ Step One & DJ Filthy Rich present:
The Turnaround - The Long Awaited Blends

Hyped to be dropping this as the last post of the year as it's something myself and Filthy Rich have been putting together for a while. We've taken the instrumentals from Real Live's 1996 underground classic The Turnaround and got our blend on with some acapellas to give the album a new lease of life. As dope as the original album is (and Money & Shows is probably one of my most played mid-90s songs of the last few years), Larry O wasn't quite at the top level of New York rappers back then but now you can hear the likes of Biggie, Kool G Rap, AZ, Raekwon, OC, Camp Lo and Lord Finesse do their thing over K-Def's beats.


We tried to use a few less obvious acapellas alongside some tried and tested classics. Not all of the beats on the album made the cut, but any omissions have been replaced by the remixes of the The Turnaround and Real Live Shit aswell as Get Down For Mine.
Have to give an extra big up to Rich for editing some of the adlibs out of the original instrumentals and tweaking a few things here and there to make the tracks sound more on point.

Saturday 24 December 2016

DJ Clue - Platinum Plus (1997)

No cover for this but you can get the tracklist here. The last 4 tracks are missing off my copy which makes me think it might've been a CD version dubbed to tape (a lesser spotted 110 minute tape no less). Notable tracks include the Mary J remix over Call Me D-Nice, which I hadn't heard before, the So So Def remix of Hey AZ, and what I think is an unreleased Cam'ron collab with Charli Baltimore and Lil Cease. My favourite Mariah Carey track is on there too.

Got some good things on the way in the next few weeks and months. Have a good Christmas and New Year.

Monday 19 December 2016

DJ MK - Skool Dayz part 1 (2016)

Man like MK going in with 80s and 90s classics on Itch FM last week.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Mr Thing on the Radio 1 Rap Show (1998)

I've had this on the hard drive for a while after someone (completely forget who  cheers Mat!) sent it to me a few years back. It was labelled as a Scratch Perverts mix but the intro makes it clear its Mr Thing on the set, although maybe another SP member joins in later. I have a feeling I was told it was recorded off Radio 1 but there's no talking or drops so I couldn't say for certain . Hopefully all will become clear now it's been shared. (Mat's confirmed it's off Westwood)
There's a couple of occasions on this mix where Thing does his 'switch into a track that references/samples the one that's playing' trick. On this occasion it's The Biznizz into Resurrection and Shadowboxing into You Know My Steez. Neither of these trump my personal favourite however, when he was playing KRS 'Outta Here', and when it got to 'Some years went by I signed myself into a group home' he dropped in Livin Proof. Simple but dope.

BONUS!  Nes over at Dirty Waters posted this Best of 1990 set Mr Thing performed on The Funhouse  from a couple of years ago. Check it.

Thursday 8 December 2016

Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince on the Capital Rap Show (1989)

Think this is something that I aquired way back from Dutch's site. Jeff & Will doing a 'Live At Union Square' type of thing for Tim Westwood back in his Capital Rap Show days. So that's something you don't get very often.
The full thing is 45 mins (this is the only part with Will on the mic) but I'm posting this at 7:30am and Jeff cutting up Rock The Bells into oblivion was too much to deal with. The file is really low bit rate as well so not sure how good it will sound played loud.
Couldn't have that El-P freestyle sitting at the top of the page for too long though or people might get the wrong idea.

Friday 2 December 2016

Company Flow freestyle (1997)

If you're an avid follower of this blog (there must be one or two) then you'll have noticed that this is the first Company Flow post I've made. I don't dislike them - I definitely like Juvenile Techniques, 8 Steps and End To End Burners but I've never heard Funcrusher Plus or really investigated the group, El-P or Def Jux in any great detail. Anyway, here's the ginger one freestyling on Westwood's show from 1997. As with the Big L & OC audio below, this was generously provided by The Expert.

There's no First Of The Month mix for December unfortunately. I'm working on a couple of things at the moment, both of which are shaping up nicely, but didn't have anything ready to drop yesterday. If you're in need of something else to listen to you might want to check the Hot 97/Def Jam Millenium Party. Thanks to Random Rap Radio for the heads up on that one.