Thursday 29 July 2010

Tim Westwood with Redman, Das EFX & Hoodratz (1993)

Classic Capital Rap Show action right here with Redman, Das EFX and Hoodratz in the studio alongside J The Sultan (Jon Shecter)...

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Whats Next On The Menu
Erick Sermon - Hittin Switches
Illegal - We Getz Busy
House Of Pain - Who's The Man
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - On The Run (remix)
Big Daddy Kane - How You Get A Record Deal
Mobb Deep - Locked In Spofford
Jon Shecter - The Source update
Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg - One Eight Seven
Run DMC ft Q Tip - Come On Everybody
Das EFX - Mic Checka
Das EFX - Hard Like A Criminal
Redman & Das EFX - interview
Redman - Time Sum Aksion
Redman & Das EFX - interview
Redman - Blow Your Mind
Illegal - Head Or Gut
BIG - Party & Bullshit
Tiger ft Q Tip - Who Planned It
Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck
Lords Of The Underground - Here Come The Lords
Hoodratz - interview & freestyle
Pharcyde - Passin Me By

Shout out to Mr Lawson for the original tape. Hope you're feeling better mate!

Sunday 25 July 2010

Krs One 'Mortal Thought' (DJ Step One blend)

Been messing around with a few acapellas recently and came up with this blend using 'Mortal Thought' over the 'Code Of The Streets' instrumental. Works well I think...


Saturday 24 July 2010

DJ Step One 'Sicker Than Ya Average Vol 3' (2008)

This is a mix I made a couple of years back which is still one of my favourites. It clocked up a few hundred downloads at the time but I didnt have my own blog to post it on so thought I'd re-up for you in case you missed it first time round...


This actually started life as a 15 minute mix for a (badly organised) DJ competition sponsored by Alize, hence the 2Pac intro and Biggie samples. I carried on after the initial 15 and ran through a bit of everything - old and new Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B and some Breaks. This was pre-Serato too. Highly recommended!

2Pac intro
Mary Jane Girls 'All Night Long' instrumental (Motown)
Clipse 'When The Last Time' acapella (Star Trak)
Mary J Blige 'Back To Life 2001' (Rocafella)
Change 'Lets Go Together' (Cooltempo)
Mooqee 'Funk Machine Man' (Bomb Strikes)
Joe Budden 'Pump It Up' instrumental (Def Jam)
Jay Z 'Change Clothes' remix (AV8)
A Skillz 'With You' (Insane Bangers)
Naughty By Nature 'OPP' Ultramix remix (Tommy Boy)
Rayvon 'Pretty' (VP)
Krafty Kuts & A Skillz 'Tricka Technology' (white)
Supercat 'Ghetto Red Hot' Hip Hop mix (Columbia)
Mooqee 'Supacat Police' (Bomb Strikes)
Bobby Brown 'On Our Own' (MCA)
LL Cool J 'Around The Way Girl' Untouchables remix (Def Jam)
Derek B 'Get Down' acapella (Music Of Life)
Gap Band 'Outstanding' (Total Experience)
DaBrat & Notorious BIG 'Da B Side' (So So Def)
Spyder D 'I Cant Wait' instrumental (Champion)
Hijack 'Style Wars' acapella (Music Of Life)
Freestylers ft Tenor Fly 'B Boy Stance' original version (Freskanova)
East Side Hoods 'Funky Smile' (Areeba)
Tom Tom Club 'Genius Of Love' (Sire)
Mariah Carey ft ODB 'Fantasy' Bad Boy remix (Columbia)
Rob Dougan 'Clubbed To Death' (Cheeky)
Busta Rhymes ft Swizz Beatz 'New York Shit' acapella (Aftermath)
Jungle Brothers '40 Below Trooper' (Warner Bros)
The Mafia 'Scene Of The Crime' (white)

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Pete Rock, Funky DL & Dynamite MC on Kiss FM, London (1998)

Soul Brother #1 live on Max LX & Dave VJ's Kiss FM show, alongside the UK's Funky DL and Dynamite MC. The twist on this one is that they've got jazz/funk outfit D'Influence providing live backing for the cypher. Nice...

Big respect to cratedigga for sending this one over!

Saturday 17 July 2010

'Downtown Calling' trailer

Looks like it could be worth checking...

"In the late 1970s, the greatest city in the world was teetering on the edge of total chaos. A failed economy, crime and en masse housing corruption gave way to a city in crisis. Yet out of the economic and social strife that held the Big Apple hostage, a family of homegrown cultures that would forever change the world began to emerge. Downtown Calling not only documents, in detail, the evolution of New York Citys fertile music and art subculture during this period, but how its collective output continues to play a prominent, driving role in the international fashion, art and music industries today."

Friday 16 July 2010

Warren G & Nate Dogg 'Regulate' (Soul Focus Juicy remix)

A little something that the DJs amongst you might find useful for the summer months: The G-Funk classic 'Regulate' over Biggie's 'Juicy' instrumental...


Jazzy Jeff & Skillz live @ The Do Over (2010)

Here's a great Jazzy Jeff live set from The Do-Over in LA this past weekend. Skillz handles hypeman duties as Jeff runs through a dope selection of Funk, Soul, Disco and Hip Hop.


The Do-Over is probably at the top of my list of 'parties I'd love to play at' right now, especially as this place is never gonna re-open.

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Jungle Brothers - Live in New Jersey (1989)

The JB's rocking New Jersey's Club Cheetah way back in 1989, performing 'Straight Out The Jungle', 'Im Gonna Do Ya', 'Jimbrowski' and 'I'll House You'

Suprisingly good sound quality on this one aswell.

Monday 12 July 2010

Jazzy Jeff & Mick Boogie 'Summertime: The Mixtape'

Its that time of year when every DJ under the sun decides to do a 'summer mix' but they'll be hard pushed to top this one...


Funkmaster Flex & Tim Westwood (1995)

Shout out to Mat for sending this one over. Ive actually got this tape but I was going a bit crazy with the pause button so this version is much better. Flex & Big Timothy on the Radio 1- Hot 97 Rap Exchange from June 1995.

If you're in London on the 23rd July, Westwood is doing a 'golden era' set at Fabric. Theres a brief interview with the man here aswell as a few of his favourite 80s and 90s classics.