Monday 31 December 2012

Kiss FM Rap Show - Best Of 1992

This is what was going on down 20 years ago yesterday on London's Kiss FM. Max LX & Dave VJ (accompanied by DJ Biznizz) run through some of the best tracks of the year, including Cypress Hill, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, K Solo, Grand Puba, EPMD and mo' ...


Original tape courtesy of Tobes.

Sunday 30 December 2012

Lil Cease & Mr Bristal - Halftime Show freestyle (1999)

Nice freestyle from Riz & Eclipse's Halftime Show back in 99.


Full tape coming soon...

Friday 28 December 2012

Tim Westwood - Capital Rap Show (1992)

45 minutes of the Capital Rap Show from 1992. Westwood draws for some K Solo, EPMD, X Clan, General Levy, Roxanne Shante and more


Monday 24 December 2012

DJ Step One - Kick Snare (94-96 Hip Hop mix)

Something I just knocked up today because it was too early to go to the pub. Just under an hour of mid 90s head-nod business. Enjoy and have a good Christmas...


DJ Enuff & Jiv Pos 'Last Dance Before Central Booking'
Nine 'Whutcha Want'
Crooklyn Dodgers 'Crooklyn' (blend)
Frankie Cutlass ft Doo Wop, Fat Joe & Evil Twinz 'Boriquas On The Set' (Flip Squad remix)
Kenny Dope 'Boomin In Ya Jeep' (remix dub)
Show & AG 'Next Level' (Show's street version)
AZ 'Uncut Raw'
Rakim 'Shades Of Black'
Ghostface ft Raekwon 'Faster Blade'
Special Ed 'Freaky Flow' (DJ Premier remix)
DJ Eclipse 'Blunted'
Lord Finesse 'Shorties Kaught In The System' (blend)
DJ Krush ft CL Smooth 'Only The Strong Survive'
Keith Murray 'This That Shit'
Kool Keith 'Wanna Be A Star'
Camp Lo 'Coolie High' (Ski’s Paradise remix)
Mic Geronimo 'Wherever You Are' (remix)
Smif N Wessun 'Wipe Ya Mouf'
Method Man & Redman 'How High' (LP version)
Method Man 'PLO Style' (blend)
Jemini The Gifted One 'Funk Soul Sensation' (remix)

DJ Spinbad 'Clueless' (1996)

Dope tape this one. Spinbad is one of those DJs that always puts in a bit of extra effort with his mixes. Highlights include the Nas blend over Foxy's 'Get Me Home', the 'Daytona 500' remix and the "tossed salad" skit. Flipping the acapella of 'The Cypher pt 3' over the original 'Symphony' beat is nice aswell.


Another one from the Tobes collection.

Saturday 22 December 2012

DJ Enuff - Hip Hop Vol 2 (1993)

Another one out of the Tobes' collection. This is from the era when the tapes were more for showcasing the DJ rather than promoting an artist/label etc so you get a mix of new and old stuff and a load of breaks being cut up on side 2.

Just a warning that the last track on side A is the rather annoying 'Freaks' by Lil Vicious and it seems to go on for ever. I think Enuff plays it twice just to fill up the end of the tape.

Thursday 20 December 2012

LL Cool J live at Chuck Chillout's birthday party (1990)

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to meet up with the homie Tobes who was generous enough to hook me up with a stack of tapes from the early 90s containing all sorts of treats, and first up out of the collection is this gem.
LL performing live at Chuck Chillout's birthday party back in 1990 is pretty dope in itself. He rocks 'To Da Break Of Dawn' over Keni Burke's 'Rising To The Top'. You're downloading already right?
He follows that with a new joint that to my knowledge is still unreleased (some quick tweets to J Zone, DJ Rhude & the DWG boys seem to confirm this). Its a tough 'Amen Brother' sampling track that I've named 'She's Rockin'. As far as I can tell its the full studio version being played off a DAT, with LL intermittently rhyming on top of the vocal track. My theory is that it might have sounded a bit dated in comparison to the rest of the 'Mama Said Knock You Out' LP so it got shelved. Anyway, here you go...

Because I'm nice, I've included 3 seperate files: one for each of the 2 tracks, and one with whole thing.
Before anyone asks, no I dont have anymore from that night than what's here.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Rap Thangs That Shoulda Done Happened

  In the first of what might be an ongoing series, I thought I'd put a different spin on Your Favourite Blogger's Favourite Blogger's Unpopular Opinions posts. Its basically fantasy rap / idealistic thinking / me wanting to rewrite history.

#1 - Black Rob should've been on 'All About The Benjamins' instead of Sheek Louch or Lil Kim. Not hating on either of their verses but in 96-97 no-one's removing Biggie or Jada off a track so someone's got to bounce. That beat would've suited Rob down to the ground.

#2 - Ice Cube would've stayed in NWA, released 'Amerikkka's Most Wanted', appeared on 'Efil4Zaggin' and then left the group. This scenario ensures we still get AMW and 'No Vaseline' aswell as Cube over beats like 'Appetite For Destruction'. '100 Miles And Running' would have appeared on AMW as the posse cut ala 'The Grand Finale' on The DOC's album.

#3 - Suge Knight never bails 2Pac out of jail and as a result the beats for 'Ambitionz Az A Ridah', 'California Love' and 'Hail Mary' all end up on Kurupt's solo album, which features Daz, Snoop, Rage etc, and is to 'The Chronic' what 'Only Built For Cuban Linx' is to '36 Chambers'.

More as and when they come to me. Suggestions welcome.
I was lucky enough to be given a fat stack of golden era tapes yesterday. Looks like there's lots of treats in there so keep checking back as they'll begin to appear over the next few weeks.
Also, I'm on Kane FM tonight from 9-11pm (UK time) playing old rap music. Come join me if you can.

Friday 14 December 2012

Kay Slay on Hot 97 (2004)

I recorded this on a trip to NYC in 2004, back when East Coast rap wasnt a dirty word. 'Lean Back', 'Why' and 'Breathe' were all in heavy rotation on daytime radio and G Unit, Dipset, Rocafella and D- Block were still forces to be reckoned with.
Here we find the DJ formerly known as Dezzy Dezz in the studio with guests Black Rob and The Alchemist.
Before showcasing Robert and Alan's new material (which may or may not include a still unreleased BR track - can anyone confirm?), Kay drops newies by Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, Dipset, Jon Doe & Papoose, Frankie Krutches and Canibus aswell as that T.I. '99 Problems' joint dissing Lil Flip.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Southern Hospitality: Twelve 12s on 12.12.12

Dem Southern Hospitality Boyz done did it again, choosing today to drop 3 installments of their long running and always on-point 'Twelve 12s' mix series. Rob Pursey pulls out the Hit Squad selection, Jimmy Plates draws for the Wu, and Superix brings some Geto Boys to the party...


Tuesday 11 December 2012

Canibus '2nd Round Knockout'
Live for Kiss FM London (1998)

Following my re-up of the Marley Marl remix of '2nd Round Knockout' , Crate Digga has come through with this tape rip of Canibus on Max LX & Dave VJ's Kiss FM Rap Show. They play what seems to be a live version (with full band) of the infamous LL dis, with some additional lyrics at the end...


Friday 7 December 2012

DJ Jay Ski - Volume 28 (1998)

I've still got a few more Jay Ski tapes to post, so thought I'd hit you with Volume 28 from 1998. Sound quality was all over the place at times but I've done the best I could with it....

Tuesday 4 December 2012

DJ Enki - A Tribute To Large Professor (2012)

An hour's worth of The Live Guy With Glasses by DJ Enki out of Oakland...
This mix is a tribute to one of my biggest influences in hip-hop and one of the greatest producers of all time. It contains an hour's worth of Large Pro beats and rhymes, original samples, and special blends, covering his career from his debut single up to his latest album and shining the spotlight on some of his lesser-known work. The Professor definitely schools people with his music; this is my take on his curriculum vitae.


alt link at Mixcrate

Sunday 2 December 2012

Tim Westwood - Radio 1 Rap Show (1996)

Another one from the vaults: the Radio 1 Rap Show from 5th January 1996.


Lots of good stuff on this - Mobb Deep, Lord Finesse, Chill Rob G, Goodie Mob,  Special Ed, OC, Luniz, 2Pac (not that I ever need to hear 'California Love' again), Smoothe Da Hustler, Wu Tang, Greg Nice and more. Westwood also has a sudden attack of the "Iggedys" around about 40 minutes into part two which is mildly amusing.
During the show he mentions the previous weekend's Christmas party and as luck would have it, last week someone just happened to send me the recording of the live broadcast, so here you go...


Shout out to Mat for that one.

Marley Marl shows you how he made the beat for Master P's 'Ghetto D'

I just watched this earlier. The way he went about putting that beat together is crazy.

Saturday 1 December 2012

theres more to life than rap music pt.2

Just over a year ago I dropped a post with a few non-Hip Hop mixes. The picture that accompanied it was responsible for a significant amount of hits in the following months so I thought that if I was going to do again it was only right we gave Victoria Moore (her above with the guns/expression combo) some more time to shine. Anyway, as I just re-upped all the links on the aforementioned post here's the second installment...

DJ Benny B out of Brooklyn just put together this House/Nu Disco mix of 20 R&B/Hip-Hop/Disco influenced tracks from the past year GO HERE

If you like that kind of thing check my peoples Groove Motion for some cheeky re-edits and original tracks. Tell 'em I sent you.

Finally, if you pine for the days when Drum & Bass nights weren't full of students wearing Vans and shutter shades and remember a time when Radio 1 DJs wouldnt touch a jungle tune with a license payer's bargepole, then you might enjoy the stack of tapes I've ripped recently:

DJ Hype @ Helter Skelter: Energy 96
The first rave I went to and one of the best sets I've ever heard. MC MC & GQ on mic duties and all the big tunes of the year on this one. Still get goosebumps when I bump this.

DJ Hype with Stevie Hyper D @ One Nation 'Biggest & Best' 1996
Hype was killing it back then and Stevie Hyper D never disappointed

Brockie with MC Det & Navigator on Kool FM 1993
DJ Ash & Brockie on Kool FM with MCs Det & Navigator
Original London pirate style!

Ed Rush & Optical @ One Nation 2001
One of the best sets of the era. Proper tearout business and not for the faint hearted.
Fatman D, 5ive 0, Skibadee & Shabba D on the mic (Shabba annihilates 'Galactic Jam' on this)

DJ Die with MC Det & Shabba @ Innovation's 8th Birthday (2002)
More Shabba. This was another favourite back in the day.

I'm still working through all the old posts and re-upping everything. Hoping to have it all back to normal by the end of the year. If there's anything you want in the meantime then holla.
Also, I'm still doing my thing on Kane FM but I'm just doing once month (every 4th Sunday) for now. May well be back to fortnightly in a few months so stay tuned.