Tuesday 30 June 2009

Memory Man presents Wu Tang vs DITC

Dope new project from Memory Man . He's taken acapellas and instrumentals from the Wu Tang and DITC catalogues and mixed them up with each other, so you get Big L, OC and Lord Finesse over some classic RZA creations and Meth, Ghost and GZA over timeless beats by Showbiz and Diamond D amongst others.
Simple but effective and flawlessly executed.


Monday 29 June 2009

Eazy E megamix (1995)

Following on from the Cypress Hill megamix, here's an Eazy E one that was issued on a promo 12" in the build-up to the release of his Greatest Hits compliation 'Eternal E'.
Its put together by Shawn 'DJ Speed' Lewis, who cuts together a load of Eric's verses from 'Eazy Duz It' and his NWA material. RIP.


Obligatory MJ post...

I wasn't gonna post anything as there's not really much I can add that hasn't been said already.
Then DJ Premier and Mista Cee's tribute mixes both appeared on the net so it seemed within the spirit of this blog to feature them.

The DJ Premier one is available here. Shout to Gimantalor holding it down for all things Primo related.

Mista Cee's mix on Hot 97 is here. Big up Marioka. Go see him for some classic mixtapes.

Some things I will say on the subject:
* 'Bad' was one of the first albums I learnt the words to start to finish.
* 'Billie Jean' is probably the most reliable, fail-safe record you can own as a DJ. It fills any dancefloor with the quickness.
* I dont understand how his albums sold out. Whats up with all these "fans" that didnt already own 'Bad', 'Thriller' and 'Off The Wall' ?!

Sunday 28 June 2009

Cypress Hill megamix (1997)

Bit of an obscure one this: Armand Van Helden cutting up the 3 singles from 'Black Sunday'.
I picked this up from the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street back in '97. It was the only copy they had and I've never seen it since. If you're a DJ you'll know that stuff like this comes in useful when you're in need of a break (not that I ever get to play music like this out)...

Taken from this bootleg/promo 12"

Friday 26 June 2009

Teddy Riley: King Of Swing - mixed by DJ Superix

Excellent set of Teddy Riley produced joints mixed by DJ Superix.
TR doesnt seem to be mentioned too much when Hip Hop heads discuss influential producers but his success through the late 80s to early 90s was pretty much unmatched. Last I heard he'd gone bankrupt and was selling off his studio equipment.

DOWNLOAD (single track)

DOWNLOAD (split tracks)

Superix mixes are always worth checking. For more info go here

Wednesday 24 June 2009

KRS ONE live in London (1989)

Krs One and the BDP posse live at the Town & Country Club in London at the tail end of the 80s. They run through 'Still #1', 'Criminal Minded' and 'My Philosophy'. The crowd go apeshit.


Good sound quality on this one aswell.

Tuesday 23 June 2009

Harry Love on One FM (1998)

This is Harry Love live on Westwood back in June 1998 when he was rolling with the Scratch Perverts and going under the name DJ Elmo. Its a nice mix of the indie gems and underground bangers of the time. If you've heard him DJ before then you're probably downloading this already.


If you want more you can see him do his thing alongside DJ MK and Pat Sharp live from The Funhouse on Ustream.
They broadcast Monday-Thursday, 10pm-1am (UK time).

Monday 22 June 2009

Doo Wop - Old Skool (15.09.94 - Part 2)

Here’s part 2 – or the second half of Side A – of the Doo Wop tape I posted a couple of months ago.
Part 1 was all blends. This one is straight old skool. Wop sets it up with a remix of Coolio’s ‘I Remember’ and drops some Biz Markie, Ultramagnetic and BDP. Also included is Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh performing ‘Treat Her Like A Prostitute’ live (I’m not sure if this version is generally available – can anyone confirm?)


ALSO Unkut just dropped an interesting interview with Doo Wop here

Sunday 21 June 2009

DJ Step One 'The Morning After The Night Before'

This was a mix I made totally spontaneously and it turned out pretty well. Its not 100% Hip Hop, but a nice mix of music to chill out, barbeque, or recover from a hangover to. It also - coincidentally - has 3 of my favourite songs ever on it: Keep On Movin, Move Me No Mountain and Mary J’s ‘I Love You’. Hope you like it...


Jhelisa 'Friendly Pressure' (Dorado)
Soul II Soul ft Kym Mazelle 'Missing You' (Ten)
Loose Ends 'Dont Be a Fool' (Ten)
Cry Sisco 'Afro-Dizi-Act' (Escape)
Soundly Beaten Volume 2 'Play Loaded' (Soundly Beaten)
Milton Wright 'Keep It Up' (Soul Brother)
Baby J & Skeme 'Keep It Up' (All City)
Toni Braxton ft Loon 'Hit The Freeway' (Arista)
Mary J Blige ft Smif N Wessun 'I Love You' remix (white)
Love Unlimited Orchestra 'Move Me No Mountain' (Philips)
Wan Cee 'Rememberance' (Kemet)
Soul II Soul 'Keep On Movin' (Ten)
Amy Winehouse 'In My Bed' (Universal)
Saint Etienne 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' Andy Weatherall remix (Heavenly)
*Erick Sermon 'Music' acapella
Ini Kamoze & Damien Marley 'World A Jamrock' (Punchline)
Black Slate 'Collie Herb' (Ensign)
Mary J Blige 'Be Without You' remix (Phatmix)
Soul Supreme ft Pete Rock, T Max & AG 'Queen (Hip Hop)' (Inebreiated Rhythm)
Outkast 'SpottieOttieDopeAlicious' (LaFace)

The photo above is the view from the DJ booth at The Orange Corner Bar in San Antonio Bay, Ibiza.

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Naughty By Nature freestyle (1995)

Here's Treach & Vin-Roc rhyming over the 'Survival Of The Fittest' beat on the One FM-Hot 97 Rap Exchange from June 1995.


I must've been about 14 around the time Naughty By Nature were killing it. I think maybe their chart success meant people overlooked how sick an MC Treach was. I was definitely a fan, I even had an NBN tour jacket copped from 4 Star General - shout out to George!

Tuesday 16 June 2009

DJ MK & Harry Love live on Ustream

2 of London's finest cutting up all types of Hip Hop live from the kitchen!
They're taking requests - well worth checking...


10PM-1AM (UK time) weeknights

Monday 15 June 2009

Smoothe Da Hustla & Trigga Da Gambler freestyle (1996)

A little while back, someone sent me a link to a zip file of freestyles from Westwood's Radio 1 show. I've only just got round to listening to it and this one definitely stood out. Smoothe, Trigga and Rhyme Recka back in '96:


Brief interview with Smoothe and a couple of his videos HERE

Friday 12 June 2009

Ghostface Killah 'Mighty Healthy' (DJ Step One blend)

I haven't had any time to rip tapes this week and seeing as I haven't posted one of my blends for a while I thought I'd drop this one on you. I put the acapella of Ghostface's 'Mighty Healthy' over the instrumental to Pete Rock's 'We Roll' and it turned out quite nicely...


I actually really liked the original Pete Rock track with Jim Jones & Max B (seriously!) but Ghostface's vocals fit just as nicely over the Kool & The Gang break.
I was kind of disappointed when PR & GFK hooked up for 'Be Easy' (on 'Fishscale') but hopefully they'll work together again in the future. Once Ghost gets that R&B album out the way of course.

BONUS: Heres where the Soul Brother #1 got the original sample:

Kool & The Gang 'You Dont Have To Change'

Monday 8 June 2009

KRS ONE, Lord Finesse, Mad Lion & Fat Joe Live in NYC (1993)

I've been told there's a vinyl release of this recording of the 1993 Rocksteady Anniversary. It must be pretty rare though as I've never seen it listed anywhere. (edit: found it on Discogs).Fortunately Westwood played it one night and I had the tape rolling.
KRS drops a freestyle, Mad Lion performs 'Shoot To Kill', Grim Reaper kicks something, Fat Joe rhymes over Redman's 'Tonites Da Nite' beat, followed by KRS doing a verse of 'Sound Of Da Police' and to round it all off Lord Finesse spits an acapella dissing Lords Of The Underground. I love this...

'Niggas need to shut their mouth, with all this "Yes Mr Funkyman!" - them niggas need to cut it out!'


Cant believe it took me this long to get round to posting this. Needless to say, if anyone has the full recording let me know.

UPDATE: 17/09/21 - posted the full 15 minutes in better quality

Thursday 4 June 2009

B Real - Westwood dubplate (1993)

B Real drops some lyrics over a 90s dancehall riddim for Westwood back in his Capital FM days.


Bring It Back That Old New York Rap

Heres a new mix of 90s East Coast classics courtesy of DJ Hands Solo from Zurich, Switzerland. 95 tracks in total!


Get at him: www.handssolo.net or www.myspace.com/handssolo

Monday 1 June 2009

Funkmaster Flex - Old Skool mix on Westwood (1996)

Flex runs through a selection of old skool classics and breaks during the second of his two 3 hour shows with Westwood on Radio 1 back in January 96.


I'm still editing the best parts of these shows for future posts. Parts of the friday and saturday nights sets are near identical, plus theres endless plugs for Flex's mixtape and Westwood's club night so I'm trying to keep the repetition to a minimum.

Thank you DJs....

Lots of good mixes have been hitting the blogosphere over the last few days. If you missed them here are some that need your attention:

Dope Big L tribute by NYC's DJ Soul here

Matthew Africa's 'Best of DJ Quik' here

and finally the ever reliable TROY crew hit you with 4 classic Mista Cee mixtapes. Get his Best of Method Man, Redman, Mobb Deep and Biggie sets here

Akinyele & Sadat X freestyle (1996)

Here's another Akinyele & Sadat X freestyle from their appearance alongside Funkmaster Flex on Westwood's Radio 1 Rap Show back in January 96.
The pair go off over LL's 'I Shot Ya' instrumental...


If you missed it, I posted another Ak & Sadat freestyle from this show here

I'll be posting another mix from Funk Flex on these shows soon.