Wednesday 27 January 2010

Funkmaster Flex - Capital Rap Show (1994)

Flex in the mix on what was the final 'Rap Exchange' show on Capital FM before Westwood made the move to the BBC and went national (Capital only broadcast to London and surrounding areas).
This is around the time when 'Shook Ones pt 2' and 'Supastar' were just blowing up


Mobb Deep ‘Shook Ones pt 2’
Craig Mack ‘Get Down’ (Q Tip remix)
Group Home ‘Supastar’
Kamikaze ‘Spread It’
World Reknown ‘How Nice I Am’
Ice Cube ‘What Can I Do’ (remix)
Fuschnickens ‘Breakdown’
Unknown party break
Da Youngstas ‘Mad Props’
Rayvon ‘Pretty’
Nas ‘One Love’
KRS One, Scarface & MC Serch freestyle
Keith Murray & 50 Grand freestyle
Unknown (Sah B? Paula Perry?)
Heather B ‘All Glocks Down’
Notorious BIG ‘Warning’
Artifacts 'Cummin Thru Ya Block'
Tim Dog ‘Bitch With A Perm’

I must have recorded this back then as I've previously posted the KRS One, Scarface & MC Serch freestyle that appears on the b-side. I dont have the full show though so shout out to Mr Lawson for the original tape.

Sunday 24 January 2010

Eli Escobar live @ DJ Eclipse's birthday party (2010)

Eli Escobar (formerly part of Cloudkickers) just posted this on his blog. Straight golden-era 80s Hip Hop recorded live at DJ Eclipse's birthday party in NYC last week.


" man DJ Eclipse had a birthday party on Saturday night and I did a quick set which I've uploaded for you guys. I found myself in a situation almost every DJ prays he never has to be in, having to follow up Primo. I was most definitely not quite in a sober state of mind by the time I went on but luckily I've played all these records so many damn times in my life it didn't really matter. It was a fun night..." - Eli Escobar

Friday 22 January 2010

London Posse on Kiss FM (1993)

Following my London Posse post last month (which proved quite popular), here's Rodney P & Bionic on Kiss FM, promoting the release of their new EP.
Kiss had only been a legal station for a couple of years at this point and the Wednesday night Rap show was hosted by Max LX & Dave VJ. Tracks off the EP are played during the interview and its finished off with a wicked freestyle over Lords Of The Underground's 'Funky Child' instrumental.

Massive big up and thanks to Mr Lawson for coming through and hooking me up with the tape of this. All I had was a really bad quality copy of the freestyle and seeing as it was something I played to death back then I'm loving having a decent MP3 of it!

London Posse biography

Although I was a regular listener I dont have any full tapes of Max N Dave's shows (I was young and didnt have money for new TDKs every week so I just taped the tracks I liked). If anyone out there has some they want to share get in touch.

Wednesday 20 January 2010

DJ S&S interview (2009)

S&S speaks on how he got his exclusives back in the day and how he put his tapes together.
Spotted at Theres a few classic mixtapes to download over there aswell.

Thursday 14 January 2010

Step One presents 'Illegal Remixes Vol 1'

Here's an (unmixed) compilation that I put together for the T.R.O.Y blog. Its a selection of unofficial remixes, some taken from bootleg 12"s released back in the day, and others that I've found on various blogs and forums over the last few years.


2Pac ‘Old School’ (DJ B.Cause remix)
Big Daddy Kane ‘Set It Off’ (Daily Diggers remix)
Big Pun & Fat Joe ‘Twinz’ (Brooklyn Untouched remix)
Common ‘I Used To Love Her’ (Sir Charles remix)
D&D All Stars '1,2 Pass It' (DJ Fashion remix)
Erick Sermon 'Bomdigi' (Street Jams remix)
Fat Joe & Doo Wop 'Boriquas On The Set' (DJ Dough & Porge One remix)
Method Man & Redman ‘How High’ (white label remix)
Mobb Deep 'Hell On Earth' (Paul Miles remix)
Nas 'It Aint Hard To Tell' (DJ Day remix)
Pharcyde 'Passin Me By' (Jazzy Jim remix)
Tim Dog & KRS One 'I Get Wrecked' (Gamm Samoo remix)
Uptown 'Dope On Plastic' (DJ B.Cause blend)

If you're into this let us know and I'll see if I can sort out a second volume.
Shout out to dirt_dog for hooking up the artwork and adding the Pharcyde remix.

(Notice how I havent used the phrase 'mash-up' once!)

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Tim Westwood - Radio 1 Rap Show (1996)

No guests in the studio on this one, just Westwood running through all the brand new music of the day.

part one
Busta Rhymes ft Rampage ‘Abandon Ship’
Masta Ace ‘Top Ten List’
Omniscence ‘Touch Y’all’ remix
Geto Boys ‘The World Is A Ghetto’
Busta Rhymes ‘Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad’
Shyheim ‘Young Godz’
AZ & Raekwon ‘Doe Or Die’ remix
The Fugees ‘Ready Or Not’
part two
Bahamadia ‘Three The Hard Way’
Mad Lion & KRS One ‘Double Trouble’
Busta Rhymes ‘Do My Thing’
Fab 5 ‘Leflah’
Heather B ‘If Heads Only Knew’
Fat Joe, Raekwon & Showbiz ‘Firewater’
Smoothe Da Hustler ‘Hustlers Theme’
MC Lyte ft Xscape ‘Keep On Keepin On’
LL Cool J ‘Doin It’ remix
The Lox ft Biggie ‘Yall See’

Kind of strange that when he plays that Lox & Biggie track it has a (very) small bit of Stretch Armstrong talking over it. I know that song was hard to come by but I'm suprised Tim couldn't get an official promo from Bad Boy!

Tuesday 12 January 2010

DJ Soul 'No Ideas Original'

New mix courtesy of NYC's DJ Soul.


"This 70 minute mix is made up of the illest samples that were flipped by your favorite artists and producers in 2009.
First off, I want to thank Elliott Wilson for allowing me to do this project! Second, I want to thank Dro and The Burn It Down Music Group for hooking it up. Shouts also to Denis (from Mighty Healthy) for coming thru at the last minute with the artwork.

I also want to ackowledge some of the DJ's who influenced this mix in one way or another. Ken Sport, Kon & Amir, DJ Riz, Kid Capri, Questlove & Clark Kent. Thank you for the inspiration!

Last but not least, thank you to all of the record stores, producers, and collectors who helped me out! For anybody out there who's interested in record diggin in the Rotten Apple, make sure you check out Big City Records, A-One, Good Records, Academy Records and Sound Library. Peace!"
- DJ Soul

Saturday 9 January 2010

Guru - Kiss FM freestyle (2004)

Guru spits a quick freestyle on Kiss FM back in 2004 when MK & Skully were co-hosting the Rap show on Thursday nights.


This is decent but Kyza had been on the mic earlier that night and absoloutely killed it. Think I might drop that next.

Where the hell is DJ Skully at these days?!

Friday 8 January 2010

Bobbito & Lord Sear on WKCR (1998)

Here's Bobbito (aka Cucumber Slice) and Lord Sear on WKCR back in February 1998. Supernatural and Megahertz are in the studio freestyling, and theres as some dope late 90s indie joints by the likes of Polyrhythm Addicts, High & Mighty and Capital D. Theres a Black Eyed Peas tune on there aswell which just seems weird now...

Big up MK for the original tape.

The heads over at the T.R.O.Y forum are working on collating all the Stretch & Bobbito shows in chronological order.
If anyone out there has recordings of any shows that might not have been uploaded before please go here and contribute!

Shout out to Verge and TheBigSleep!

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Jazzie B - Kiss FM (1997)

I used to love Jazzie B's Monday night show on Kiss back in the day as he was one of the few people that would play alot of the ragga/hip hop remixes that were around at the time, aswell as some Hip Hop and R&B that you might not hear on other shows.
Here's 30 minutes of a show from December 1997 kicking off with a wicked Hip Hop/Dancehall medley and followed by music from Sleepy Wonder, Pudgee, KRS One, Born Jamericans and a few more.

Although Jazzie tended not to give any much info on the songs he played, over the years I eventually found alot of the 12"s I heard on his show on various white labels and bootlegs, and on Bobby Konders' Massive B label.

Soul II Soul website

Sunday 3 January 2010

DJ Ev - School's In Session (1995)

Thought I'd start the new decade off with another tape out of DJ MK's collection.
This mix is by Long Island's DJ Ev, who I first heard of when Stretch Armstrong mentioned him on his (now defunct?) blog.
Ev is very nice on the cuts and from the few tapes I've heard is an all-round dope DJ who went on to roll with Funkmaster Flex's crew. Lots of 1995 goodness on this one. Tracklist is in the comments section

If you like this make sure you check these out:

Stretch Armstrong and DJ Ev 'Back 2 Back' (1996)

DJ Ev 'Hotter This Year' (1996)

Funkmaster Flex & DJ Ev 'Big Dog Pitbulls pt 2' (1998)

Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. Back to work and the old routine tommorow morning. I'll try and dig out some more treats to help you get through the next few weeks!

UPDATE: I got in touch with Ev via his myspace. apparently I got the title wrong!
"it's School's In Session and the Big Dawg Pitbulls Pt 2 tape is also hosted by Redman.
I like the update in your review, however, your original line "should have went on to bigger things" is accurate as well - lol...
Thanks again - Ev"