Saturday, 21 March 2009

DJ Step One 'Lost In Soho' (mid-90s mix)

I made this mix last summer after a trip to London got me nostalgic for the days I’d spend all day wandering round Soho buying records. A typical day up there for me in the mid-90s meant checking Handspun (which later became Deal Real), Mr Bongo, Wyld Pytch, Uptown, Blackmarket, Unity, Reckless and probably a few others. There was also a bloke called Dan who used sell promos and rarities out of his record bag on street corners (He wasn’t cheap but if Westwood played it on a Friday he’d usually have it within the week!)

As great as the internet is for sourcing music, you definitely missed out on something if you weren’t around in that era. Shout out to everyone who remembers and to all the staff in those shops for putting up with us!


DJ Premier intro
Gang Starr - Mass Appeal (Chrysalis)
Nas - Freestyle (white label)
Nas - Represent (Columbia)
Black Moon - Buck Em Down (remix) (Wreck)
Mobb Deep - Still Shining (Loud)
Krs One - Out For Fame (Jive)
Channel Live ft Krs One - Mad Izm (Capitol)
A Tribe Called Quest - We Can Get Down (Jive)
Raekwon - Incarcerated Scarfaces (Loud)
Notorious BIG - Who Shot Ya (Bad Boy)
Large Professor - Mad Scientist (Geffen)
Masta Ace - Born To Roll (Delicious Vinyl)
Jeru The Damaja - D Original (Payday)
Terminator X ft Joe Sinister - Under The Sun (RAL)
Jemini The Gifted One - Cant Stop Rockin (Mercury)
Rawcotiks - Hardcore Hip Hop (Freeze)
Keith Murray - Most Beautifullest Thing In This World (Jive)
Ice Cube - Friday (Priority)
Lost Boyz - Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz (MCA)
Common - I Used To Love Her (Relativity)