Monday 27 February 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 25.03.00
New York Live with DJ Premier & Sauce Money

Another New York Live show broadcast from Marley Marl's crib with Cipha Sounds holding down turntable duties. DJ Premier and Sauce Money (someone I've been listening to a lot recently) are in the studio on part two.

I actually posted some of this show back in 2009 but my recording stopped just as Premier appears, so it's nice to have the whole show.

The Westwood Archives mixcloud page is up and running so make sure you keep an eye on that as I might throw a few shows on there that don't make it to the blog. Figure it might be best to just drop the more notable shows and highlights (freestyles, mixes etc) otherwise it will end up being straight Westwood tape rips on here for the next 3 or 4 years.

Thursday 23 February 2017

Step One & Mr Tobes present
A Queensbridge Project Volume 1

Another mix, another collaboration. This time out I linked up with Mr Tobes and we've put together a selection of some of QBs finest from the early 00s. There was a flood of material coming out of Queensbridge at the turn of the decade and it was kind of hard to keep track of at times but the fact that Alchemist and Havoc were supplying beats for the likes of Cormega, Tragedy, CNN and an impressive array of Mobb Deep affiliattes meant that the quality was usually on point. This mix goes hard thunn...

Capone N Noreaga & Mobb Deep - Queens Finest
Cormega ft Prodigy - Thun And Kicko
Infamous Mobb ft Prodigy - Gunz Up
Mike Delorean - QB interlude
Lake - Crushed Linen
Run DMC ft Nas & Prodigy - Queens Day
Cormega - The Legacy
Alchemist ft Nas & Prodigy - Tick Tock
Mobb Deep - When You Hear The
Mike Delorean - Thunn Language interlude
Tragedy Khadafi, Nature & Blaq Poet - Kings Of Queens
Nas - Let Em Hang (solo version)
Tragedy Khadafi ft Headrush - Bing Monsters
Tragedy Khadafi ft Havoc - What's Poppin
Mobb Deep ft Nas - USA (Aight Then) - unreleased version
Big Noyd ft Mobb Deep - Louder
Nature - Don't Stop
Capone N Noreaga, Cormega & Lake - We Gon Buck
Infamous Mobb ft Prodigy - We Work For This
Mobb Deep - The Illest
Cormega ft Tragedy Khadafi - They Forced My Hand
Screwball ft Cormega - Loyalty

Sunday 19 February 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 12.10.02
with Redman & Blak Twang

This is the full show (or most of it) that the Redman freestyle below is taken from. The first part is pretty much a club set. Late 2002 was peak chipmunk soul so there's the U Don't Know remix, 'What We Do' and the remix of Styles P 'Good Times', plus a ton of Neptunes bangers - Grindin, Full Mode, Luv U Better, and the G Unit version 'After My Chedda'. In a pre-twitter era Tim has to take it to the phone lines for listeners to debate 2Pac's 'Me & My Girlfriend' vs Jay & Bey's shitty 'Bonnie & Clyde 03' (plus a Toni Braxton song that I don't remember at all). No one's feeling it. Tim tells us that Beyonce "needs that" as "she's mad moist out there" as she's "so commercial she's corny". Tempted to link that specific audio to one of those lunatic women that fully loses their shit whenever someone suggests Beyonce might actually be a bit overrated and only has 2 memorable solo songs.
Anyway, then Redman is in the house followed by Blak Twang so that's you sorted for a couple of hours.

Thursday 16 February 2017

Redman - Quiet Storm freestyle (2002)

Reggie over the Mobb Deep beat on Westwood's show from October 2002.

Monday 13 February 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 09.12.01
New York Live with G Dep & Big Daddy Kane

Another New York Live show, this time with G Dep from right around the time when Special Delivery was big and his album was about to drop. He's not shy about dropping a couple of quick freestyles and discussing his favourite rappers. Then Big Daddy Kane steps up for the second part and has a chat about the old days with Marley Marl before mentioning he's got an album in the works, which going by the two singles with Premier and Alchemist would've been worth copping if it had actually come out. He drops a quick freestyle too so all in all this one is well worth your time.

Sunday 12 February 2017

Shortee Blitz & Big Ted - Kiss FM 12.05.04

Shortee Blitz and Big Ted aka The Chubby Kids took over from Max & Dave on Kiss FM's Wednesday night Rap show around 1997. Here's 90 minutes from May 2004. UK veteran MC Mell'O' in the studio for a bit, and music from Nas, MOP, Pete Rock, The UN, Klashnekoff, Cali Agents and more.

Saturday 11 February 2017

Funkmaster Flex - Radio 1 Rap Show 11.09.99

Next up, here's 90 minutes of the Rap Exchange from September '99. Mobb Deep are in the studio ahead of the Murda Muzik launch party at The Tunnel that coming Sunday. No freestyle unfortunately but Flex gets busy cutting up some bangers.

For the most part, I'm not gonna be posting download links for these shows because the links die out too quickly these days. There are programmes available that will let you convert mixcloud streams to mp3 though.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 23.06.00
New York Live with Craig Mack & Half A Mil

First up out of the insane collection of Westwood tapes I recently acquired is this edition of New York Live, which was Tim's regular link up with Marley Marl. Craig Mack is in the house for the first part and then the late Half-A-Mil steps up. Both sessions include stupidly long freestyles (mostly off the dome on Half's part which serves to remind me how much I prefer someone busting pre written rhymes). In what is probably one of the more random things I've heard recently,  Larry O (of Real Live) and TJ Swan both jump on the mic with him for a bit aswell.

This is the show that Tim recently posted video footage of, which isn't something that happens too often. Hopefully he's got more to come that will match up with these full shows I have.

Been considering creating a seperate site just for all these Westwood shows but we'll see how things go.

Sunday 5 February 2017

Max LX & Dave VJ - Kiss FM Rap Show (1992)

Just over an hour of the Kiss FM rap show from May 1992. Music by Lil Shawn, ADOR, Top Quality,  and Naughty By Nature and a healthy dose of UK business like Katch 22, Cookie Crew and Caveman.

Had to do a bit of an edit on this one as 3 tracks off Black Sunday appeared half way through side 2. Left the adverts in for additional flavour - Chaka Demus & Pliers at Washington Heights in Reading anyone?

Friday 3 February 2017

Hank Love & Half Pint on WNWK (1997)

First outing on OB4ZL for Hank Love and Half Pint's show. These guys were on air around the same time as Stretch and Bobbito but weren't quite as well known so tapes of the show are a bit harder to come by. Nes at Dirty Waters has a little bit more info on them here.
Judging by this 36 minutes clip, they very much repped for the underground. They've got someone called Automatik in the studio for an interview. I'd never heard of him but he seems to be responsible for one of those indie 12"s no one bought when it came out but now commands aan above average price online. That Warren G remix of Redman's 'Pick It Up' at the beginning is nice too.

Good to see RANDOM RAP RADIO back in effect.