Wednesday 25 January 2012

DJ Step One
The Infinite Hip Hop Show on Kane FM

Here's my show from this past Sunday. The first part kicks off with new and recent releases before going into the mix with some 90s classics. The mix continues into part 2 before finishing with a random selection of new and old tracks...

Sunday 22 January 2012

Juice Crew Law

Flava Of The Month returns - ticket purchased with the quickness!

Just a quick thing regarding the Megaupload fiasco: Only about 10-15 posts on here had Megaupload links but I'm not entirely sure which ones. If you come across any dead links let me know and I'll re-up. I'm hoping Mediafire is safe from harm for now or this whole blog and 3 years of time and effort is pretty much fucked. I've generally stayed away from uploading things that are commercially available but it looks like that doesn't matter right now.

Sunday 15 January 2012

LL Cool J 'Rasta Imposter' (1998)

A quick refresher then: LL had already responded to 'Second Round KO' with 'The Ripper Strikes Back'. That lead to Wyclef dropping the comparatively weak 'Whats Clef Got To With It' (it had a Naomi Campbell cameo if you don't remember). LL then shot back with this; 5 minutes of A1 battle raps over the 'It's My Thing' beat...

(Both pressings of this have the same crackle throughout the track, so its the recording itself rather than the vinyl!)

MC Shan's True Stories volume 1 (2011)

and Marley responds "who gives a fuck?!"

Saturday 7 January 2012

DJ 7L - Essential Dipset mix (2010)

DJ 7L dropped this 2 hour mix on his soundcloud page a couple of weeks ago. Highly recommended if you're a Dipset fan...


Monday 2 January 2012

Doo Wop - Summer Jam Freestyles (1996)

I recently picked this up on a trip to London. It wasn't a good idea in retrospect with rain, tourists, shitty trains and closed bargain basements making it less than enjoyable. Anyway, on this 12" you get seven freestyles taken from Wop's 1996 mixtape, including Flipmode Squad, Fab 5, Smoothe Da Hustler & DV Alias Khrist, Ed Lover and Sadat X. The pick of the bunch (in my opinion) is Lord Finesse rhyming over 'I Shot Ya'. Enjoy...

If you missed it first time out, my Doo Wop compilation 'Best Of Da Bouncemaster' is still up here