Thursday 21 November 2013

Tim Westwood - Radio 1 Rap Show (1998)

45 minutes of a show from February 1998. New stuff from LL, Gang Starr, AZ, K Solo, Def Squad, Queen Latifah, Onyx and Killah Priest inna dis...

Saturday 16 November 2013

Tony Touch @ The Do-Over, Tokyo (2013)

Tony Toca recorded live at The Do-Over's Tokyo event last month...


Thursday 14 November 2013

Pete Rock - In Control on WBLS (1989)

One of out the pile Tobes gave me nearly a year ago that had slipped through the net. 90 minutes of the Chocolate Boy Wonder on the legendary In Control show from 1989. There's no talking on this so the In Control jingles and one 'Pete Rock' drop towards the end are the only hints as to who is on the tables.

Special Ed - I Got It Made
Powerule - Smooth
EPMD - The Big Payback
BDP - The Blueprint
Chubb Rock - Nothing Can Stop Us Now
Heavy D & The Boyz - Here We Go Again
Public Enemy - B Side Wins Again
Kwame - The Rhythm
Special Ed - I'm The Magnificent
James Brown - Funky Drummer
YZ & G.Rock - I'm In The Party
BDP - Ghetto Music
Heavy D & The Boyz - Somebody For Me
Nice & Smooth - Early To Rise
Chubb Rock - What A Difference
Stezo - It's My Turn
Main Source - Atom
unknown - unknown
EPMD - So Wat Cha Sayin
Soul II Soul - Back To Life

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Doo Wop 'True Blends' (2013)

The Bouncemaster just dropped this 36 minute blend mix on his Soundcloud page. New and old acapellas and instrumentals all mixed up 90s style...

Sunday 10 November 2013

DJ Step One 'New York Straight Talk'

 New mix. 1 hour of late 90s/early 00s NYC rap biz.

MOP ft Gang Starr 'Salute pt II'
Ghostface Killah 'Cobra Clutch'
Pete Rock ft O.C 'Respect Mine'
Mic Geronimo ft DMX, Jadakiss, Styles, Ja Rule & Tragedy 'The Usual Suspects'
Screwball 'Seen It All'
Jay Z 'A Week Ago'
Mobb Deep 'Quiet Storm' (Fat Daddy remix)
Cam’ron ft Prodigy 'Losin Weight'
Shyne 'That’s Gangsta'
Shabaam Sadeeq 'Brooklyn Bullshit'
Ali Vegas 'The Specialist'
The LOX 'Recognize'
Nas ft Lake 'Let Em Hang'
Lil Cease ft G Dep, Mr Bristal & Busta Rhymes 'More Dangerous'
Big L 'Flamboyant'
Sir Menelik ft Grand Puba & Sadat X '7XL'
Noreaga ft Nas 'Body In The Trunk'
Fat Joe ft Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss & Raekwon 'John Blaze'

Jim Sharp - Midnight Marauders Revisited EP

"On November 9th 1993 A Tribe Called Quest's 'Midnight Marauders' dropped. ATCQ was (and still is) my favourite rap group and listening to Marauders now, it seems incredible how it's endured the test of time. With the advancement of technology it has been possible to attain previously unreleased vocals and with this in mind I started to rebuild tracks from Marauders from their original samples. (it's important to note that technology has only moved so far and the majority of vocals were impossible to get) I took a lot of time to imagine how Q-tip would have captured the samples, probably using a turntable and an MPC. Consciously not using pitch correct, sampling one side of the audio and bouncing it to stereo and continually trying to get the right filter, echo, pitch and sound from the original sample. I also re-imagined big sections of tracks paying homage to some of my favourite producers such as Premier, DJ Shadow, 9th Wonder and Large Professor. I thought about what it would have been like to have some legends of the game such as Biggie, Nas and Biz Markie dropping guest verses next to Tip and Phife. I completely understand how dear Tribe fans hold Marauders and it was important to me that it had a fresh take but stayed true to the original ethos. This was a labour of love and I hope people dig it for what it is"



Friday 8 November 2013

Rap Thangs That Shoulda Done Happened #3

#1 Ice T shoulda done embraced G-Funk. I'd been a huge fan since 'Power' dropped in '88 but 1993's 'Home Invasion' remains one of the most disappointing purchases of my youth. In the aftermath of the LA riots and the Cop Killer controversy I'm sure I wasn't alone in expecting a big return from Tracey. Ice Cube and Dr Dre had set the standard and upped the ante for West Coast rap albums in the early 90s but  Home Invasion delivered some distinctly unremarkable beats and contrived shock tactics that fell well short of the classic status of his previous 3 LPs. One thing that would've improved things significantly is some nice sleazy G-Funk synths to underpin his rhymes. Ice dropping one of his classic storytelling joints over something like 'Black Superman' or 'Thuggish Ruggish Bone' would've been a nice send-off before he departed for Hollywood (we'll just pretend that 'Return Of The Real' doesn't exist).

#2 On a 'Home Invasion' related note, Jay Z shoulda done got Ice T on a '99 Problems' remix, or at least shouted him out on the original.

#3 A 'Superthug' remix. For the record, I'm not really saying this shoulda done happened, more that I'm suprised it didn't, given the late 90s/early 00s trend for all-star versions of big singles. An ideal line-up on the remix could've featured MOP, Big Pun and Beanie Sigel. A more realistic version would probably have included Busta Rhymes and DMX. Still, we had Reservoir Dogs, Banned From TV and John Blaze that year so there's always that.

Friday 1 November 2013

Max N Dave on Kiss FM (1990)

Max LX & Dave VJ alongside DJ Pogo in the mix. This is from the early days of legal Kiss FM. Includes tunes by Kool G Rap, Main Source, Silver Bullet, Caveman, Gang Starr and Stetsasonic.