Saturday 30 September 2017

Friday 15 September 2017

Redman - Funkorama (Midnight blend)

I'm sure someone has done this before but the chance to pair up my favourite Redman track with my favourite Tribe track seemed like too good an opportunity to miss.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Radio 1 Rap Show 21.05.99 with Cormega, OGC, Screwball, Deadly Venoms and DJ S&S

Having missed most of them when they aired, I'm really enjoying these New York Live shows with Westwood and Marley Marl. The guests and tunes tend to be a bit more varied than what you'd hear Flex playing on the Hot 97 Rap Exchanges. Lots going on in this one with Starang of OGC and Cormega guesting in part one, and then Deadly Venoms (an all female group that included N Tyce and who were briefly affiliated with the Wu), Screwball and DJ S&S appear in part two. All of them get together for a freestyle sesh at the beginning of part two...

Saturday 9 September 2017

Stretch & Bobbito on Hot 97 with DJ Premier (1997)

Another tape from the batch Tobes gave me. Think this one may have been online before as there's a tracklist on the S&B blog. As with every single radio show and mixtape from the second half of 1997, this includes You Know My Steez and Its Been A Long Time. There's some nice indie tracks on here too, plus Wu All Stars 'Sole In The Hole' which is one of the better songs by a Wu Tang spin off.

Monday 4 September 2017

Cutmaster C - Blackout 2003: Stop Cryin Haters!

I'm off to the US in a couple of weeks so I've been revisiting a few of the mixtapes I picked up on my first/last trips there back in 2003/04. I've posted a few of them  over the years but this one doesn't seem to be mentioned online anywhere. This was back when G Unit and Dipset were running things. Juelz Santana is on hosting duties so there's a few of his tracks on here alongside the rest of the usual suspects from that era.

(I had to make do with someone sending me a pic of the cover on their phone but if you click on it and biggify it you should be able to make out the full tracklist)

Shout out to Mixcloud because despite being hit and miss with IDing tracks, they have been able to put a name to the Juelz/JR Writer/Stack Bundles track that I included on my 'Mixtape Of Mixtapes' a a couple of years ago

Saturday 2 September 2017

DJ Malcolm X on Hott FM, Barbados (1999)

This is something a friend of mine bought back from a holiday in Barbados and it's always a good one to throw on when the sun's out. Just under an hour of the island's Hott FM with DJ Malcolm X mixing up some dancehall and hip hop on a Friday afternoon, Highlights include the very cheesy station jingle at the start, regular ads for the upcoming Def Jam Back To School party, underpinned by Crooklyn Clan's 'Oh Noooo' which reworks Ruff Ryders Anthem into the melody of Superthug (genius stuff), a dancehall track using the synths from Prince's 1999 and ragga takes of Hate Me Now and Redman's Da Goodness, plus a blend of Top Billin over Das EFX's Mic Checka.

Not entirely sure about a DJ calling himself Malcolm X but love the fact that there's a Bajan DJ called The Chiuahua Businessman.