Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Biggie & Craig Mack - Tim Westwood freestyle (1995)

By request, another freestyle session off Tim Westwood's One FM Rap Show.
This time its from early 1995: Biggie & Craig Mack over Redman's 'Rocafella' instrumental.
It was the anniversary of BIG's death 2 days ago and every blog has been full of tribute posts, the best one being put together by the good peoples at
TROY which definitely has some audio and video you might not have come across before.


EDIT: This tribute mix by J Period & DJ G Brown looks like its worth checking aswell


  1. no problem mate. glad I could help out!

  2. Brap. Have you got any UK leg ends doing freestyles and stuff?

  3. I'm sure I've got a few things in the stash. I'll see what i can find

  4. don't wanna get too rap nerd on you. There was a cipher with mad skillz, channel live, and cella dwellaz from one of the first Westwood BBC Shows. Skillz said "leavin rappers petro like craig mack's dermatoligist" or the akinyele/sadat x over impeach the president break from Rap Exchange? :)

  5. All Rap Nerds are welcome!I dont remember the Skillz one (I will be posting a load of his freestyles in the future though). I've got a couple of Sadat/Akinyele ones though so I'll try and hook those up at some point.

  6. Whoa, I missed this one. Thanks step one. Dopeness.
    @Rob- More rap nerdonomix- Mad Skillz also said that line on a "freestyle" on Stretch n Bobbito in 94 or 95.

  7. Re: Rob's comment
    Been listening to that mad sillz, masta ace, cella dwellaz freestyle today in my car. This blog inspired me to dig out some old westwood tapes from moldy shoe boxes in the cella. Good work with the blog step one. Cheers. Also remember a funky dl freestyle from round about the same time.

  8. hi , is there anoyone who can hlpe me out, im trying to find a westwood freestyle around 1995 witha london crew named the rats consisted of emcee delerious, spartacus and one other anyone please i need it!