Friday 24 December 2010

Mad Skillz freestyle (1996)

Mad Skillz and N-Tense freestyling over 'Still Shining' on Max LX & Dave VJ's Kiss FM Rap Show back in 1996.


Shout out to cratedigga who sent me over the full interview which you can get HERE

Saturday 18 December 2010

Cocoa Chanelle 'Best Kept Secret' (1997)

Another one from Mr Lawson! This is the first Cocoa Channel tape I've heard and she's pretty damn good. Some blends and cuts along with a few 'exclusives' and a KRS & Redman freestyle on the intro. Check it...

Funkmaster Flex & Tim Westwood - April 1995

This is the full tape of the April 1995 Rap Exchange that the ODB and Smif N Wessun freestyles below were taken from.


This was a favourite tape of mine back then. Fortunately Mr Lawson came through with a copy as I was still going a bit crazy with the pause button in those days.

Monday 13 December 2010

Pete Rock & CL Smooth live in London (2010)

Great show. Shout to Big Ted, Sarah Love, Jehst, Jazz T, Micall Parkinsun, DJ Matman, Mr Sheen and everyone else in attendance!

Saturday 11 December 2010

Smif N Wessun & Black Moon freestyles

First up today, taken from the same tape as the ODB freestyle below, is this Smif N Wessun freestyle done for Flex & Westwood's 'Rap Exchange' where Tim would take his Radio 1 show up to Hot 97.


And to go along with that, heres some more Bootcamp Click business courtesy of thewool over at the TROY forum. This is Black Moon and Smif N Wessun on Westwood's Capital FM show back in (I'd guess) 1994.


Tuesday 7 December 2010

Ol Dirty Bastard - Hot 97 freestyle (1995)

More Wu Tang! This is taken from a Flex tape Mr Lawson sent over: ODB rhyming over 'Shook Ones pt II' and 'Brooklyn Zoo'. I'll upload the full tape soon...


Wu Tang Clan 'Method Man' (DJ Step One blend)

Back in the day Westwood played a blend someone (I forget who) had done using the 'Method Man' acapella over Snoop's 'Tha Shiznit' instrumental, which sounded great. Recently - after a long search - I finally got myself a copy of that acapella (cheers Howard!) and have been playing around with it. I'm hoping to do something 'proper' with it soon but in the meantime it seems to fit nicely over another classic Dre beat...


Obviously if anyone has got that blend Westwood played or knows who did it let me know!

Friday 3 December 2010

DJ MK 'Volume 8' (1995)

This tape came out in the Summer of 1995 when I'd just got my first set of turntables (Gemini belt-drives!) and had started going up to London every payday to hit Unity, Mr Bongo, Handspun, Blackmarket and the plethora of record shops that populated the West End around that time. A LOT of good music came out that summer!


My favourite part of this mix was the blend of KRS's 'Ah Yeah' over 'Moments In Love' by Art Of Noise. It still sounds dope now so I've included it as a seperate track in the download.

MK was recently interviewed for Hot110 - check it HERE

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Big Pun 'Pre-Trial Motion' promo tape (1998)

Not sure if its just me but Pun doesnt seem to be obessessed over as much as other dead rappers. It might be because he's got a relatively small catalogue for people to collect, remix and re-issue. It might also be because European rap nerds were too busy copping Mike Zoot 12"s in 1998 to pay attention to him. Whatever the reason, his first album is excellent and this is the promo tape Loud Records sent out to hype the release...


'Twinz' w/ Fat Joe
'Toe To Toe' w/ Cuban Link
'Off The Books' w/ Cuban Link & Beatnuts
'Wishful Thinking' w/ B Real, Fat Joe & Kool G Rap
'Firewater' w/ Raekwon & Fat Joe
'You Aint A Killer'
'Still Not A Player' w/ Joe (Attention Nerds: this mix is marginally different to the released version)

Shout to Mr Lawson for this one!