Sunday 27 February 2011

DJ Scratch's Top 5 DJs

Scratch comes with a Top 5 list and then a '5A' with a few names that get slept on.
Don't think I've ever seen anyone do a Top 5 DJs. It makes a change from watching another rapper sit there mumbling 'Jay..Nas...Em..Pac...Big' when they list their Top 5 MCs.

Spotted at Pipomixes

I'm having a bit of a move around due to recently copping some new equipment. Will hopefully be up and running and able to rip a few tapes later this week. Stay tuned.

Friday 25 February 2011

Lord Finesse live in Sydney (2011)

2 hours of The Funky Man live on the 1s & 2s (and a bit on the mic aswell) in Sydney, Australia last month. I'm guessing this the same show Unkut covered recently


Not sure where this appeared originally but I've seperated it into 2 one hour files for convenience.

Monday 21 February 2011

"Me and my fam roll tight like The Firm..."

I've been trying to find a suitable beat for the 'Cant Knock The Hustle' acapella for a while now and following a short burst of inspiration first thing yesterday morning I think I've cracked it...


Illustration by Mark 563, check more of his sketches out here

Saturday 19 February 2011

"I Was There" - exclusive Big Ted interview!

So I managed to get as far as a third interview! The feedback's been good so far so thanks to everyone who's enjoyed my previous efforts.
Stepping up with some Hip Hop stories and memories of his time in the game is someone who's been at the centre of the scene in London for longer than most, holding it down on Radio, TV, vinyl and live on stage...

Who You Be?

I be The Big Ted, Big Teddy Ted, Chubby Kid No 1, Jeopardy, Hip Hop personality like no other. South London representative til I die. Known for launching Friday Night Flava with DJ 279. Known for killing it on stage with Blak Twang & Ty as well as holding down one of the best hip hop radio shows for nearly 10 years on Kiss 100. Ask about me!

Stackin Cheddar Music: Camp Lo, Mobb Deep & GZA remixes

Three not-entirely-official remixes of some 90s classics on this 12". Mobb Deep and GZA get the 'jackin for beats' treatment while Camp Lo's 'Luchini' is matched up with a nice laidback piano-led instrumental.


Friday 18 February 2011

Rei Double R & G-Bo The Pro 'Best Of 1992'

Another 'Best Of 92' selection, this time from mixtape legends Rei Double R and G-Bo The Pro. Includes music by Slick Rick, Scarface, Black Sheep, Tim Dog, Ice Cube, Nice N Smooth and a lot more. If you enjoyed the Westwood tape I dropped at the start of the week you'll love this...

These guys aren't aswell known as Doo Wop, Ron G and Kid Capri but definitely made a name for themselves by incorporating a 4-track into the production of their tapes, which gives the mixes and blends an extra edge. That technique was later developed and became the cornerstone of some great tapes by DJs like Dirty Harry, Vlad, Green Lantern and Rectangle.

Thanks to DJ MK for the original tape.

(NB- The file is labelled 'Ray' instead of 'Rei' as thats what was written on the tape. I didnt realise what the correct spelling was til I googled them)

Tuesday 15 February 2011

Tim Westwood - Best Of 1992

As promised, here's the full tape of the Capital Rap Show from Boxing Day 1992. Westwood reviews the best of the year which includes Redman, Cypress Hill, Dre & Snoop, Da Lench Mob and Naughty By Nature

Big up to Mr Lawson for the tape on this one!

UPDATE 26.01.21 - now added to Mixcloud with a better quality 320 rip courtesy of DJ Swerve


Monday 14 February 2011

3rd Bass - Capital Rap Show promo (1992)

Follwing the popular 'Best Of 94' Westwood show that I dropped recently, Mr Lawson hooked me up with the 'Best Of 92' selection from when Big Tim was still on Capital FM. That tape is coming soon but in the meantime I thought I'd share this snippet from it: Pete Nice and MC Serch trading verses over EPMD's 'Rampage' beat...


I'm not sure if it really falls into the 'slept on' category but 3rd Bass's debut 'The Cactus' is definitely one of my all time favourite albums. It was the first album I bought on CD aswell so I played it to death and know it pretty much inside out. The lyrics are solid and Sam Sever's beats still sound fresh (shame he never really blew up on a larger scale). Anyway, if you're not familiar with it, I highly recommend it.

An unreleased 3rd Bass/Brand New Heavies collaboration, presumably intended for BNH's 'Heavy Rhyme Experience' album.


I originally found this at KAMGOTBEATS

Saturday 12 February 2011

Kay Slay freestyles

Sorting through some CDs yesterday I found an old compilation of freestyles from Kay Slay mixtapes that I'd copped on a visit to Canal Street back in 2004. Here's the pick of the bunch...


1- Big L, Black Rob, Puertorock & Bathgate
2- Cam'ron & McGruff
3- Capone N Noreaga
4- Da Ranjahz
5- Ghostface & Trife
6- Prodigy
7- Sauce Money

Sunday 6 February 2011

Ron G - Flava Beyond Flava Vol 4 (1996)

Obscure 12" time now. Here's 4 blends from mixtape legend Ron G. First up is Mobb Deep over 'The Message' (or Puff & Mase 'Cant Hold Me Down'), followed by a 'jackin for beats' style mix of '1nce Again' using old ATCQ instrumentals. The Buju Banton track is cool but I can't place the beat right now, and finishing things up is Ron's infamous blend of the 'My Melody' instrumental with verses from KRS, Buckshot, Raekwon and Nas.


Saturday 5 February 2011

Thursday 3 February 2011

"Dues Paid" - exclusive Kyza interview!

Following on from the DJ 7L feature last week, I've approached someone a bit closer to home to speak on their introduction to the rap game and memories from back in the day...

Who You Be?

My name is Kyza, aka Mr Sayso aka B.L.A.C.K. A.D.A.M. I’m from Ladbroke Grove, London and I’m best known for being the best member of Terra Firma, one 4th of Orphans Of Cush, and an all round nice guy.

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Method Man freestyle (1995)

A pretty blunted sounding Method Man spitting over 'Bring The Pain' on Tim Westwood's show back in December 95.


Also in the studio are Nelson George and Russell Simmons celebrating Def Jam's 10th Anniversary and counting down the label's Top 10 tracks. Full tape coming soon...