Friday, 13 March 2009

DJ Step One "UK Bubblers" mix

As much as the idea for this blog was to share/show off some music that you might not have heard before , its also a platform for a bit of shameless self promotion for myself as a DJ. I only bought Serato a few months ago so I havent made any new mixes recently as Ive been busy converting all my vinyl to MP3. Until I get round to doing something new I thought I'd post some of my favourites from the last couple of years.
This first mix is a selection of some of my favourite UK tunes. Mostly they're from 2001 -2005. There hasnt been much I've been into recently, but then that goes for Hip Hop as a whole. Hopefully some of the artists I used to check for like Klashnekoff, Fallacy and Rodney P will start dropping stuff again soon.

Lewis Parker 'Incognito' (Melankolic)
Rodney P, Skinnyman & Mr 45 'Worldwide' (Riddim Killa)
Roots Manuva, Rodney P, Skeme, Fallacy, Big P & Dr Evil 'Swords In The Dirt' (Big Dada)
Klashnekoff 'All I Got' (Kemet)
Jehst 'High Plains Anthem' (Low Life)
Universal Soldiers ft Sundragon 'Metaphysics' (Tongue Tied)
Klashekoff, Kyza & Skriblah 'B4 U Die' (Kemet)
Baby J ft Shade 1 & Laurissa 'Let Them Know' (Baby J)
Fallacy 'FTP freestyle' (Baby J)
Wan Cee 'Rememberance' (Kemet)
Ghost ft Verb T & Asaviour 'The Payoff' (Breakin Bread)
Skeme & Rodney P 'UK Bubblers' (Titan Sounds)
Mud Family 'Nuff Tingz' (white label)
TY & Roots Manuva 'So You Want More' (Big Dada)
Fallacy 'Blackmarket Boy' (Virgin)
Klashnekoff 'Murda' (Kemet)
Universal Soldiers 'Renegades'(Tongue Tied)
Deckwrecka ft Skeme, The Extremists & Big P 'The Titan 4' (Ronin)
Champions Of Nature 'Salsa Smurf' (Wordplay)


  1. thanks man, glad you enjoyed. I'm hoping to come with part 2 soon...

  2. Bro can you re upload this mix if possible??? Been busy grabbing your mixes from here and haven't heard a bad one yet.

  3. @ Madhandz - glad you're enjoying the mixes mate. thanks for the support. this one is actually one my favourire ones I've done