Saturday 6 September 2014

Don't Sleep #2
Soul Supreme ft T Max, AG & Pete Rock 'Queen' (2003)

"For all the girls who said 'A, you smoke too much', shut up baby and roll that Dutch..."

This is one of those tracks I've never really tired of. I first heard it on a Tony Touch mix in the summer of 2003. A couple of weeks later I took my first trip to NYC and despite asking for it in every shop, I came up short. I think I eventually picked it up in Mr Bongo (it  have been my last purchase in there). Anyway, as you may have noticed by now, my tastes have a tendency to lean towards the soulful side of things so I'm a big fan of the sped-up soul sample trend of the early/mid 00s. This ticks all the right boxes with 3 solid verses from AG, Pete Rock and T Max and a nice long outro for the DJs among us to mix out of...


Turns out there's a video for it, although it looks like Pete Rock was busy that day

Previously: Don't Sleep # 1 - Melody 'Cool Chillin' (1989)

Monday 1 September 2014

Doo Wop 'The War Report Volume 2' (2002)

I dropped Volume 1 of this about 3 years ago and came up on this CD on a long delayed record buying trip this past weekend. Stand outs have to be the Boss Money freestyles but it's a decent listen overall as you'd expect from a Wop CD...