Saturday 27 February 2016

DJ Clue - Dedication 2 (1996)

Clue. Dedication part 2. Side A is a whole bunch of blends "for da ladies" whereas the flipside has all the new bangers...

Saturday 20 February 2016

nothing new to post but it's ok..its a saturday!

It's a De La Soul reference. Been mostly listening to old Jungle/D&B mixes for the last week so havent ripped anything for the blog. Just having a browse now to see what Rap stuff has appeared and came across a few things that may be relevant to your interests. The blog post equivalent of a shout out track if you like...

Mister Cee - Classic Dancehall mix on Hot 97's Throwback at noon slot

DJ Clue - The Perfect Desert Storm 2000

Clark Kent on WBLS from 1989

Rakim: The Early Years (an oral history as told by those present)

Angela Davis interviews Ice Cube in 1991

I re-upped my compilation of Ice T b-sides, remixes & features 

The photo at the top is Big Pun & Fat Joe performing at Rikers Island in 1998, courtesy of Up North Trips. Not relevant to this post but I like it. Pun still reminds me of Ricky Grover though

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Doo Wop & The Bounce Squad - Puffin On Blunts (1993)

Doo Wop, Snaggapuss and another member of the Bounce Squad (Chris G?) go in over Dre's Puffin On Blunts beat, taken from the intro of a 1993 Wop mixtape. Had this on repeat for the last few days ater copping the full tape off the ever reliable Barry over at Grime & Lime

Monday 15 February 2016

DJ Juice - Volume 40 (1998)

Another Juice joint for you...

Gonna keep an eye out for the Wayne O/E Bros '1999' track that appears on this.That's the last of the Juice tapes out of the current stash though. Still got a bunch of Clue tapes and a couple of Cutmaster C ones to come though.

Sunday 7 February 2016

Masta Ace - Capital Rap Show freestyle (1991)

Dutch, one of the OGs of blogging tape rips,  recently shared this mediafire folder of old Westwood shows. I haven't had time to go through it all yet, but I did spot the first episode of Tim's late night ITV show N Sign Radio was in there. I did pick out this old Master/Masta Ace freestyle though...

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Mo Money ft Mase - After All (1996)

I've been keeping an eye out for Diehard Records releases after taking a punt on Mo Money & Genovese's 'The Block Hot' (as featured on my Tape Kingz Vol 1 mix). It turned out to be a good buy so when I saw this record for cheap I scooped it up. The label says it came out in 1996 but with the sample straight jacked from the SOS Band's soul classic, it could just as easily have been on Bad Boy circa 97-98. Polish it up a bit and it could pass for a Trackmasters production from that era...

I should probably mention that the sound on this is a bit off as although the record was still sealed when I bought it, the hole in the vinyl is slightly off centre. Its most noticeable in the chorus but basically its still listenable. If anyone has a better copy hook it up.
Aswell as the wayward hole, the vinyl itself is hella thin and floppy (:pause:) but I digress. I recently checked out their 'Lost N Yonkers' compilation from 1998 and although the production and mastering of tracks is pretty rough and raw (as in 'sound like they were pressed up off a Clue mixtape' raw), there's a couple of gems worthy of your attention.
It won't surprise me if once all the early-mid 90s DITC style boom bap joints have been mined to death that random jiggy rap like this becomes the sub genre du-jour for the rap collector who has everything. God knows they cant keep buying songs they already own on 7" forever.

Big Kap rest in peace!

Monday 1 February 2016

DJ Step One - early 90s Rap mix

Wake up, wake up, wake up its the first of the moooonth and - almost unbelievably - I haven't flopped in my attempts to drop a mix at the beginning of each month so far. I'm currently 2/2 and February's edition draws for the early 90s selection (apologies for the lack of a creative title for the mix)....

Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg - Lil Ghetto Boy
King Tee ft Ice Cube & Breeze - Played Like A Piano
Diamond D - Check One Two
Pete Rock & CL Smooth ft Grand Puba - Skinz
Ed OG & Da Bulldogs - I Got Ta Have It
De La Soul ft Biz Markie - Lovely How I Let My Mind Float
Downtown Science - Room To Breathe (instrumental)
A Tribe Called Quest - Clap Your Hands
Show & AG ft Diamond D & Lord Finesse - Diggin In The Crates
Souls Of Mischief - Disseshowedo
3rd Bass - Green Eggs And Swine
Positive K - Nighshift
Grand Puba - Ya Know How It Goes (T Ray remix)
Ice Cube - Steady Mobbin
EPMD - Crossover (Trunk mix)
Gang Starr - Flip The Script

Armand Van Helden - A Deep Hip Hop Kinda Love

If you missed January's installment, which was on more of a house party tip, you can get that here