Friday 30 April 2010

DJ Spinbad on Power 105 (2003)

DJ Spinbad live in the mix on New York's Power 105. Strictly mainstream/club joints on this one so it sounds good in the car on a sunny day. This is from 2003 (or possibly early 2004) and includes tunes by Biggie, Mary J Blige, Usher and 50 Cent.

I know this is a bit newer and more mainstream than what I usually post. I'll be dropping some more 90s underground heat shortly!

Sunday 25 April 2010

DJ Rectangle on Kiss FM (1998)

Another Rectangle mix, this time from Max & Dave's Kiss FM show in 1998...


All City - The Actual
Gang Starr ft Rage & Kurupt - You Know My Steez (remix)
Queen Latifah - Get Off Mine
Noreaga - N.O.R.E (instrumental)
Rasheed & Ill Advised - 1986
Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones
Rufus Blaq - Out Of Sight

Thanks to crate digga for sending this over.

Tuesday 20 April 2010

RIP Guru - One Of The Best Yet...

Sad news today. Gang Starr are probably my favorite group ever. I can't really say much that hasn't already been said but if you need some music to play today and you don't have Matthew Africa's recent Gang Starr mix, go and get it HERE

Also, if you missed it when I originally posted it, here's a freestyle by the man when he was up on MK & Skully's Kiss FM show back in 2004


UPDATE: Mister Cee dropped a Guru tribute mix on Hot 97 earlier today


Spotted at DJ MK's blog

Friday 16 April 2010

DJ Rectangle 'The Tables Have Turned' (1997)

In the mid to late 90s most mixtapes available in the UK were by NYC DJs who rarely strayed from the East Coast for their track selection. Aside from the occasional Snoop, Dre or Outkast track it was rare that artists from LA or the Bay Area were represented. Fortunately Rectangle was on the case and aswell as his tapes being really well mixed he'd have music from anyone making noise on the West Coast. This tape includes freestyles by The Luniz and Jayo Felony (over 'Kick In The Door') aswell as tracks by WC, Suga Free and Daz.

DJ Rectangle Intro
Jay Z 'I Know What Girls Like'
Master P 'Ghetto D'
The LOX 'Do You Think I'm Jiggy'
Busta Rhymes 'Dangerous'
Daz Dillinger 'Way Too Major'
Puff Daddy 'Big Ole Butt'
Mack 10 'Only In California'
Suga Free 'While U Bullshittin'
WC 'Give It Up'
The LOX 'If You Want It'
Mic Geronimo 'Nothing Move But The Money'
Jayo Felony 'Freestyle'
Gang Starr 'You Know My Steez'
EPMD 'The Joint'
The Firm 'Phone Tap'
Jay Z 'Streets Is Watching'
Puff Daddy 'SeƱorita'
Rakim 'It's Been A Long Time'
The Firm 'Fuck Somebody Else'
The Luniz 'Freestyle'
The Luniz 'Jus Me & U'
Ice Cube 'Greed'
EPMD 'Ritcher Scale'

Monday 12 April 2010

Dirty Harry 'All Star Killers' (1998)

Another strange 12". I can't find it listed on Discogs but this is - I think - a blend put together mixtape king Dirty Harry, although it could well pass for an original track. Despite the big name line up I dont recognise the verses from any other songs and they flow together nicely. It opens with a sample from 'Menace II Society' and features Big Pun, DMX, Method Man, Fat Joe, Cam'ron, Noreaga, Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz.


Thursday 8 April 2010

Bobby J in the mix on Westwood (1995)

Bobby J was a part of Funkmaster Flex's Flip Squad back in the mid-90s and he'd regularly drop guest mixes on Tim Westwood's One FM Rap Show. This mix contains alot of the big tracks from the summer of 1995 including Biggie, KRS One, Smif N Wessun and Lost Boyz.



Despite rolling with Flex and releasing a handful of party break 12"s there's not much info online about the man also known as 'White Boy Roy'. Having asked around, it turns out he passed away a few years ago. RIP.