Thursday 18 April 2019

DJ Step One - Reminiscence

Found myself with enough time to have a little mix earlier and this was the result.  Given the nature of this blog it's probably no surprise that nostalgic raps* and autobiographical raps are one of my favourite themes/sub genres so here's some of the better ones...

Troubleneck Brothers - Back To The Hip Hop (remix)
Dred Scott - Back In The Days
2Pac - Old School (B.Cause remix)
Missy Elliot ft Jay Z - Back In The Day
Game ft Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Pusha T, Bun B, Young Buck & Keisha Cole - Pain (remix)
Nas - Surviving The Times
Large Professor - Dreams Don't Die
Rakim - Remember That
LL Cool J - The Truth
Dr Dre - My Life (aka Smokin Weed For Hours)
Ice Cube - Growin Up
Choong Family - Memory Lane
Kyza - Lucozade Bottles
Blak Twang - 19 Long Time
Wan Cee - Rememberance
Marco Polo ft Masta Ace - Nostalgia
Ghostface Killah ft Black Thought - In The Park
KRS ONE - My Life
Nas - Where Are They Now (90s remix)

*Just to clarify, nostalgic raps about Union Square, Latin Quarter and Dapper Dan are fine, new rappers trying to recreate the 90s and giving it the 'hey guys who remembers Illmatic?!' and wetting themselves with glee and over-rapping their hearts out when Premo tosses them one of his recent dry as fuck beats, not so much.