Thursday 28 June 2018

P Fine - Rap This on WNYU (Sept 1987)

Prime golden era rap radio courtesy of Diablo. P Fine hosting Rap This on WNYU from September '87 and the tracklist is just splendid. Certified classics by the likes of BDP, Kane and the Jungle Brothers sit alongside relative obscurities like Vandy C & Bill Blast and Devastator (P Fine and Livio G's group), plus a Stetsasonic promo over chain snatchers' favourite Go Stetsa I. Interestingly, P also plays The Rulers Back and says it's "never to be released on vinyl". I remember reading something about Ricky D's debut getting delayed but didn't realise tracks were in circulation a year before it dropped. The live version of Treat Her Like A Prostitute also gets an airing. If anyone has a bit more info on the back story or chronology of these songs drop some knowledge in the comment section.

Vandy C & Bill Blast - Just Feel It
BDP - The Bridge Is Over
Fresh Celeste ft M4 Sers - Get It Boy
Slick Rick - The Rulers Back
Jungle Brothers - Jimbrowski
Big Daddy Kane - Just Rhymin With Biz
Slick Rick - Treat Her Like A Prostitute (live version)
Devastator  - Rap This promo
Devastator - Devastation
LL Cool J - Rock The Bells
Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud - Do The James
Stetsasonic - Rap This promo
Stetsasonic  - Go Stetsa I
>>DJ Livio G mix
unknown - unknown
Eric B & Rakim - Move The Crowd
Audio 2 - Top Billin (blend)
EPMD - You're A Customer (dub)
Mr X & Mr Z - Drink Old Gold
Club 89 (unknown host)
Seville ft Jazzy J - Take A Walk
unknown - Cold As Ice (?)

Sunday 24 June 2018

Capital Rap Show 17.06.94
with Jeru The Damaja

Jeru in the studio with Westwood promoting his upcoming debut LP. The recording (courtesy of that man Diablo) has been pause buttoned a few times but you get a decent chunk of the interview and some proper bangers either side of it.
I loved 'Sun Rises...' and probably played it as much as Illmatic when it came out. Premier on his A-game and no skippable tracks. It was one of those releases where mixtape and radio DJs were playing several tracks off it rather than just the lead single.  I know everyone enjoys the Group Home album but this was much better IMO.


OC - Time's Up
Rampage - Beware Of The Rampsack
Quo ft Redman - Huh What?
Slick Rick - Cuz Its Wrong
Dreadknotz - Tha Anthem
Mad Lion - Take It Easy
Jeru The Damaja - D Original
Jeru The Damaja - interview
Jeru The Damaja - Ain't The Devil Happy
Jeru The Damaja - interview
Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean
Jeru The Damaja - interview
Shyheim ft Big Daddy Kane, K Dee The Down Low Recka, Pop Da Brown Hornet & Rubba Banzs - Pass It Off (underground remix)
Kurious ft Sadat X & Mike G - Mansion And A Yacht (Groove Merchantz remix)
LL Cool J - Year Of The Hip Hop
Craig Mack - Real Raw
Mic Geronimo - Hemmin Heads
MC Eiht - All For The Money
>what sounds like an intro to a DJs mixtape
Nice & Smooth - Cash In My Hands

Tuesday 19 June 2018

DJ Fashion - The Bomb (1994)

Nice tape by DJ Fashion (I assume it's that guy anyway). Some cool blends and 94 goodness on here. If you're into Doo Wop and Ron G mixes get on this...

Another treat from Diablo's collection.

Sunday 17 June 2018

Mr Magic & Marley Marl - Rap Attack on WBLS (1986)

This tape may well have the world premiere of MC Shan's Jane Stop This Crazy Thing, aswell as Cutmaster DC's Brooklyn's In The House but the highlight is Mr Magic going full Partridge at 30:50 after running Oran Juice Jones 'The Rain' back to back with Tommy Boy's answer version 'Thunder And Lightning' by Miss Thang...

"...went by the Kurtis Blow party at the Quarter last night and saw Juice and he only had one thing to say about this young lady. He don't know who she is and don't know what she want. Juice was stylin a brand new suit from AJ Lester from the $600 rack so I don't know what her problem is but obviously she better not mess with The Juice..."

and that's why tapes of NYC radio in the 80s are more entertaining than 2018 Nas albums.

NB: Tape once again courtesy of DJ Diablo (as will most pf what I post over the next few months) the last part of the tape actually switches to Red Alert on Kiss FM but as he drops Ego Trippin I thought I'd leave it in.

Friday 8 June 2018

Capital Rap Show 09.07.93

One more out of Diablo's box before I head off for a week in the sun (hopefully). Could just be nostalgia as I don't remember noticing it at the time but Capital Rap Shows from 93 and 94 seem to have a different vibe to the Radio 1 shows of 94 and 95. The tracklists seems a bit edgier, although that could be a reflection of the music as a whole. In this instance the likes of Poor Righteous Teachers and Akinyele sit comfortably next to the Dogg Pound and Big Mike's dope solo cut off the Geto Boys album, with a Chris Goldfinger reggae mix closing the last 15 minutes of the tape...

Cypress Hill - I Ain't Goin Out Like That
Akinyele - The Bomb
Poor Righteous Teachers - Nobody Move
Geto Boys - No Nuts No Glory
Dogg Pound - Niggaz Don't Give A Fuck
Masta Ace Inc - Saturday Night Live
Cypress Hill - Hits From The Bong
Cypress Hill - Cock The Hammer
Poor Righteous Teachers - Black Business
Sham & The Professor - Who's At The Door?
Nice & Smooth - Cash In My Hands
Akinyele - Outta State
Funkdoobiest - Freak Mode
The Principle ft Silent Eclipse - Your Rap Machine Is Broken
Ice Cube - 24 With An L
KRS One - Higher Level
Da Hoodzmen - Rhyme Ripper             
>>Chris Goldfinger mix:
Shabba Ranks - Shine And Criss
Buju Banton - ??
Sanchez - If I Ever Fall In Love
Mega Banton - Soundboy Killing
Buju Banton - Good Looking Gal
?? - ??
Merciless - ??
Heavy D & Buju Banton - Hotness

That Premier beat on 'Higher Level' is a bit good innit? Wouldn't have sounded out of place on the Group Home album. Lovely stuff.

UPDATE: Turns out I posted the following week's show - with a not entirely dissimilar track list - 6 years ago. So I just added that to the Mixcloud page and Hip Hop Radio Archive. Go here.

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Masta Ace live in London (1995)

First up out of the incredible selection DJ Diablo sorted me out with at the weekend is this recording of Masta Ace at Flavour Of The Month from December '95. All the info you need is on the flyer above...

Saturday 2 June 2018

Ol Dirty Bastard on the Radio 1 Rap Show (1995)

Yes it's another R1RS post. Big woop, wanna fightaboudit? Not got time for much else at the moment and despite the plethora of fantastic topics and ideas for posts that come to me during the day, I never actually get round to writing them up. I did manage to post up a list of my favourite dis tracks on Twitter (spoiler: Ether and Takeover aren't included) that sparked a healthy reaction, but also replies like: "no 2nd Round KO?".  It was very much off the top of the head but apart from missing out Real Muthafuckin Gz' it's mostly accurate. Anyway, on a related note I have recently noticed that my blog posts have been getting less hits (too much Westwood perhaps ?), and the engagement seems to centre more around the Mixcloud pages and Twitter. I'll continue to use this as the hub for now, but once I get to the 1000 post/10 year mark in March next year I may well call it a day on this here blogspot. I'm about to go and pick up a bunch of tapes that look severely classic, plus I still have the collection of Westwood tapes from 99-02 to work through (happy to a break from those to be honest - despite the gems I've come across, the shows overall weren't quite as exciting by the turn of the century) so material isn't an issue, but the aforementioned Mixcloud pages alongside the Hip Hop Radio Archive might be the way to go. If they ever get shutdown I'm throwing everything out of the window. Feedback and financial incentives to keep going on here are always welcome.

Big-ish Statement over with, the show above is from Spring '95 (I'm guessing June - anyone got a date?) with ODB counting down the Top 10 at 10 with Buddha Monk alongside him. Entertaining stuff plus they start freestyling over the ends of tracks on a few occasions.

Junior Mafia - Player's Anthem
Kaotic Stylin - Get In Where You Fit In
Crooklyn Dodgers - The Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
Keith Murray - This That Hit
AZ - Sugarhill
KRS One - MCs Act like They Don't Know
ODB & Buddha Monk - freestyle
Doug E Fresh - Where's The Party At
Raekwon & Ghostface - Criminology
ODB - freestyle
Method Man & Redman - How High
ODB & Buddha Monk freestyle
GZA - Labels
ODB - freestyle

That Doug E Fresh track seems to be on every Top 10 throughout mid 1995. God knows what that chart was based on.

oh, I also up'd this Marley Marl show from '98 which I posted way way back in the early days but it's now in one big stream-friendly file.