Friday, 10 April 2009

more Eminem & Proof on Westwood (1999)

More from Eminem and Proof on Westwood back in 1999.

Eminem & Proof 'Pick It Up' freestyle

Eminem & Proof 'Hate Me Now' freestyle


  1. nice blog but zshare is long

    try mediafire

  2. This was February 2001, backstage of Eminem concert with Xzibit as the opening act, I got parts of the show recorded on tape, including Xzibits appearance on the show with a freestyle

  3. you mean the thing I posted was from Feb 2001?
    it definitely wasnt. I recorded it the night it was broadcast and Em is speaking about his debut album.

  4. Im a different person from anonymous, the show is definately February 2001, docklands arena, Eminem done the freestyle before getting on stage. I got the first hour on tape, that was hiphop history, Eminem was doing pranks on the phone all types of shit

  5. nope. its definitely 1998. I wrote the date on the tape when I recorded it - its not a mis-labelled MP3 I got off the net.
    I think that perhaps Westwood repeated it bu I can absoloutley assure you 100% that the first time it was done was 1998.