Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Nas, Jadakiss & Ludacris 'Made You Look' (remix) - DJ Step One blend

Following on from the last blend I posted, here's the acapella of Nas 'Made You Look' remix over the Missin Linx 'MIA' instrumental.
Although they use the same David McCallum sample, Missin Linx version was always better than Dre & Snoop's 'The Next Episode' in my opinion and the instrumental fits nicely with Nas, Jadakiss & Ludacris lyrics. Shame those 3 dont lean towards this type of production more often. I guess the acapellas are on the 12" for a reason though...


As with the Crooklyn/Bridge 2001 blend, this was just done on 2 decks with no editing or post production.

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