Wednesday 22 April 2009

DJ Mastermind - Tape 36 (1997)

This is one of my favourite tapes from 97 by Canada’s DJ Mastermind. His mixes had a good selection of underground artists and the bigger names and it seemed like he used to play some songs that might not have got much attention in London or New York. This tape includes EPMD, Nas, Beatnuts, Royal Flush, Buckshot and Common - the tracklist is in the comments section. (I've since got myself a scanne so added the cover)

UPDATE 07/08/2016 - now re-ripped at 320 as the original rip was only 128 and not that great.

As far as I know he is/was a pretty big name but I cant find a picture of him as theres about 100 other DJs using the same name and I'm not sure what he looks like.
I’ve got Tape #37 and #42 aswell so if you’re into this let me know and I’ll post those soon.


  1. Sup Stepone,

    Nice to see some more Mastermind Mixtapes. I have a couple I posted n my blog #22 & #28:

    Please post the other one you have. I am after one in the 40's and I hope its the one you have. It had You Know My Steez, Northern Touch, New York (Ya There), Rare Species Etc.


  2. # 42 doesnt have those cuts on it but I'm gonna post it up soon anyway

  3. yeah thats a nice mixtape mate lots of classic randoms on there,there is a few i dont know if you could help us out i would really appreciate it last track on side a is that paula perry? and the one after lady of rage on side b about 24 min in t dot? and the second to last track before lil kim on side b aswell if you could help mate that would be great thanks again.

  4. last track on side a is by Motion called 'Use What Ya Got'. the track on side b after Lady Of Rage is 'The Nights Young' by Redlife. The only Lil Kim thing on side B is her verse on 'All About The Benjamins' and thats the last track so not sure which one you mean!

  5. ok, I had 5 minutes to kill so I typed up the full tracklist. You're welcome.
    SIDE A
    EPMD ‘Never Seen Before’ (remix)
    AZ ft SWV ‘Hey AZ’
    CNN ft Tragedy & Nas ‘Calm Down’
    Royal Flush ‘Iced Down Medallions’
    B1 ‘Verbal Affairs’
    Snoop Dogg ft Daz ‘Dogg Em Out’
    Mic Geronimo ft DMX, Fatal, Cormega & Ja Rule ‘Usual Suspects’
    Infinite ‘Gotta Get Mine’
    Nas ‘Escobar 97’
    Big Pun ‘Im Not A Player’
    Lady Of Rage ‘Get With The Wickedness’
    Beatnuts ‘Bless The Mic’
    Naughty By Nature ‘Nothin To Lose’
    A Tribe Called Quest ‘Same Ol Thing’
    Rhyme Recka ft Smoothe The Hustla ‘To My Lady’
    Wyclef ‘To All The Girls’
    Motion ‘Use What Ya Got’

    SIDE B
    CNN ‘Capone Bone’
    Buckshot ‘Follow Me’ (remix)
    Special Ed ‘Think Twice’
    Hilfiguz ‘Not Enuff Time’
    Puff Daddy ft Black Rob ‘I Love You Baby’
    Common ‘1 2 Many’
    Mobb Deep, Big Noyd & Rakim ‘Hoodlum’
    Lady Of Rage ‘Supa Supreme’
    Redlife ‘The Nights Young’
    Redman ‘Pick It Up’ (remix)
    Alkaholiks ‘Off The Wall’
    KRS ONE ft Redman & Angie Martinez ‘Heartbeat’
    Puff Daddy ft Jay Z & Biggie ‘Young Gs’
    Tracey Lee ‘Give It Up Baby’
    Puff Daddy ft Lil Kim & Biggie ‘All About The Benjamins’

  6. thanks mate that was quick that motion sounds dope thought it was paula perry and im happy you told us redlife would never of new that havent heard much of his stuff nice mellow track that one. yeah its the track before that quick verse by lil kim.thanks again man really appreciate all these gems you throw up great blog.

  7. thanks

    yeah its that tracy lee track its got 2 rappers on it so i thought it was a group he must of cut her bit out thanks for the track list sorry to mess you about on that one.

  8. I have a few Mastermind tapes circa '97 as well, must dig 'em out. Wasn't he a pretty big radio DJ as well?

  9. yeah I think so. theres something on the tape cover about Energy FM in Toronto I think

  10. i'm so glad i came across this thread. you guys are keeping the music alive and i appreciate it. i remember buying mastermind mixtapes in toronto area barber shops and listening to his mix shows on the radio. brings me back to my younger days when life was only about chasin skirts.

  11. Could you re-up this mixtape? Thanks)

  12. Im from london canada Dj mastermind played here many times very cool dude down to earth with mad skills a true canadian legend

  13. Im from london canada Dj mastermind played here many times very cool dude down to earth with mad skills a true canadian legend