Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Fat Joe live @ The Palladium, NYC (1996)

A short live set from Fat Joe at the infamous New York nightspot The Palladium. This was just after the release of ‘Jealous Ones Envy’ in 1996.
The quality isn’t ideal at first but soon gets sorted out. Joe performs ‘Flow Joe’, ‘Dedication’, ‘Success’ and ‘Fat Joe’s In Town’. He also brings out Big Pun (then still Big Dog Punisher), Keith Nut and Armageddon to perform and they tear it up over the ‘Broken Language’ instrumental.


Just after he announces Big Pun, the side of the tape ends so theres a slight gap that I did my best to edit out. The levels are louder after that aswell.

Why at so many Hip Hop shows is the hype man’s mic the loudest and when this happens why dont they ever swap mics?

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  1. Man respect for this but I totally agree, his hype man messes the majority of this recording. His mic is way too loud, also his hype man seems to be under the impression he is the focal feature by rapping 90% of Fat Joe's lyrics, disappointing. Glad I didn't pay to watch this gig ;)