Thursday, 2 April 2009

Unreleased Marley Marl remixes - Canibus & LL Cool J

Whilst ripping a tape of Marley Marl on Westwood I came across these 2 remixes he did that never saw the light of day (as far as I know).
He's revamped Canibus' legendary dis track '2nd Round Knockout' and LL's response 'The Ripper Strikes Back'. Both are improvements on the originals but according to Marley industry politics prevented them getting an official release.
If anyone knows if they were bootlegged or if full versions exist then let me know!

'The Ripper Strikes Back' (Marley Marl remix)

'2nd Round Knockout' (Marley Marl remix)

I'll be posting up the full 90 minutes of the tape these were taken from soon.

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  1. Thanks homie, never heard these joints! Wonder why they did get an official release `cuz they are pretty nice...

    STaY BLeSS`n...