Friday, 3 April 2009

Marley Marl - Radio 1 Rap Show (1998)

Here's the full tape I mentioned in the last post. Marley in the mix on Westwood's show back in October 98.
Aswell as the LL and Canibus remixes I posted yesterday, theres loads of good stuff on here - Gang Starr, Pete Rock, Redman, Blackstar, Method Man, Cappadonna and more.


There's a track on there with Sauce Money, Heather B and a couple of other people. If anyone knows what that is then let me know!


  1. this is a fat ass tape mate lots of nice marley mixes on this loving these radio show tapes thanks alot man.

  2. hey this doesnt seem to work?loving all the radio 1 rap show posts they take me back to the good days!!!thanku

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  4. updated with new link (mediafire)