Sunday 27 January 2013

Black Rob live at The Tunnel (2000)

BR doing his 'Can I Live' verse over the Deep Cover and Simon Says beats live at The Tunnel before launching into 'I Love You Baby'.
If there's anything in that sentence that doesn't scream "awesome" at you then you aren't wanted around these parts.

I want one of those Bad Boy jackets.


  1. I wonder if they'd have let a couple of crackers like us up in The Tunnel?

  2. I'd like to think so. It still bothers me that I'll never get to play there and follow in the great tradition of White Boys in the DJ booth (Riz, Westwood, that dude in the video above, Bobby J etc)

  3. very classic footage, i have this myself!
    most people b sleeping on black rob, but if u see how the crowd went crazy on i love u baby then u will see.

    id go crazy if had one of those bad boy jackets!