Thursday 3 January 2013


I'm still going through all the old posts and re-upping dead links so bear with me if you've emailed any requests. Most recently I've just added fresh links for:

2 Raekwon freestyles from 1995

Freestyles by OC, Das EFX and Lord Finesse & Triple Seis

DJ MK 'Volume 8' from 1995

DJ Harry Love on Westwood from 1998

DJ Mastermind mixtapes #36, 37 & 42

Chuck Chillout on WBLS from 1989

Roc Raida on Hot 97 from 1994

Evil Dee on Hot 97 from 1994

For those of you down since day one, there will be some new stuff coming in the next few days.
If anyone has the Shortee Blitz & TY 'Full Frontal guest mix' I posted ages ago can you get in touch - my copy is corrupted.

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