Friday 11 January 2013

DJ Kam - Indie Hip Hop mix (2008)

You might recognise the name DJ Kam from his work on a variety of releases, his DJ crew Beyond There or maybe you just copped some vinyl from him when was behind the counter at the legendary Mr Bongo in London's West End. Whilst browsing through his sadly defunct blog yesterday, I came across this mix of  90s indie joints and as the download link was still live (5 years after he posted it - DivShare stand up!) I thought I'd share it. This was the sound and era most people will associate Mr Bongo with so there's few more qualified to put something like this together...


alternative download link

Jigmastas - Beyond Real
Jigmastas - Beyond real (Remix)
Black Reign - Dirty
Kukoo - Real Kukoo
Choclair - What it Takes (Remix)
Choclair - Just a Second
Ill Advised - Against The Grain
Rawcotiks - Hardcore Hip Hop
Mister Voodoo - Hemlock
Network Reps - Simplistic
MF Grimm - Get Down
Siah & Yeshua dapo ED - Gravity
Negro League - They Lied
High & Mighty - It's All For You
Citizen Kane - Structure / Foundation (What's The Plan)
Rascalz - Fitnredi (rap essentials version)
Sic Sense - Position Bypass
Jam Dot - Soul Searchin'n'
Saukrates - Father Time
Pitch Black - Hold Me Down
Constant Deviants - Catch the Speed Knots
Masterminds - I'm Talented
AK Skills - One Life to Live
Shadez of Brooklyn - When it rains it Pours (Survival warz!)
Lace da Booms - Cut That Weak Sh*t
Da Grass Roots - Drama
N.O.T.S Click - Larger Than Life
Aboriginals - Keep it Hot
Frankenstein - The Rain is Gone
Mountian Brothers - Paper Chase
Mike Zoot - High Drama

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