Saturday 5 January 2013

Chad Jackson - Best Of Hip Hop '87

Former DMC champion (and now one of my fellow Kane FM DJs) Chad Jackson recently delved into his archives and posted this 25 year old, 20 min megamix on his Soundcloud page.

Best Of Hip Hop 87

Completed using 1 x Revox B99 reel to reel recorder, 2 x Technics SL1200's, standard DJ Mixer, and lots and lots of vinyl in December 1987 at DMC HQ in Slough! Also much 1/2inch tape, reams of editing tape and loads of razor blades.
These were very basic times, indeed.

Most of you will remember him for this. I bought it on 7" when it came out and it still rocks the party 24 years later. I think Im on my 3rd 12" copy now.

Also available is Chad's Best Of 88 Rap mix

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