Sunday 3 February 2013

"Buying old records is a habit..."

London has lost another vinyl hot spot. Flash up yuh lighters one time for Notting Hill MVE.
They're merging with the rock branch a few doors down but I cant see it being as good, especially as that huge bargain basement will be no more. Still, all that second hand vinyl has to live somewhere so who knows. The whole music retail/vinyl vs digital discussion is a well worn and increasingly tedious path to go down so I wont bother but suffice to say that I found a lot of good shit in this store over the years (some of which has been posted on here) and I'm gonna miss it.

Dont worry, some proper posts will be appearing in the next few days. In the meantime you can check out:

Heltah Skeltah live at Notting Hill Carnival (1996)

Bobby J in the mix on Westwood (1995)

Chris Read's AV8 Records mix for Southern Hospitality

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