Friday 14 December 2012

Kay Slay on Hot 97 (2004)

I recorded this on a trip to NYC in 2004, back when East Coast rap wasnt a dirty word. 'Lean Back', 'Why' and 'Breathe' were all in heavy rotation on daytime radio and G Unit, Dipset, Rocafella and D- Block were still forces to be reckoned with.
Here we find the DJ formerly known as Dezzy Dezz in the studio with guests Black Rob and The Alchemist.
Before showcasing Robert and Alan's new material (which may or may not include a still unreleased BR track - can anyone confirm?), Kay drops newies by Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, Dipset, Jon Doe & Papoose, Frankie Krutches and Canibus aswell as that T.I. '99 Problems' joint dissing Lil Flip.


  1. The Black Rob joint on there is called Time 2 Ride. It was re-recorded with a different beat as They Heard I Got Life for his 2nd album.

  2. Thought you'd be up on that. I've got a CDR of that album somewhere but havent heard it for ages.