Sunday 16 December 2012

Rap Thangs That Shoulda Done Happened

  In the first of what might be an ongoing series, I thought I'd put a different spin on Your Favourite Blogger's Favourite Blogger's Unpopular Opinions posts. Its basically fantasy rap / idealistic thinking / me wanting to rewrite history.

#1 - Black Rob should've been on 'All About The Benjamins' instead of Sheek Louch or Lil Kim. Not hating on either of their verses but in 96-97 no-one's removing Biggie or Jada off a track so someone's got to bounce. That beat would've suited Rob down to the ground.

#2 - Ice Cube would've stayed in NWA, released 'Amerikkka's Most Wanted', appeared on 'Efil4Zaggin' and then left the group. This scenario ensures we still get AMW and 'No Vaseline' aswell as Cube over beats like 'Appetite For Destruction'. '100 Miles And Running' would have appeared on AMW as the posse cut ala 'The Grand Finale' on The DOC's album.

#3 - Suge Knight never bails 2Pac out of jail and as a result the beats for 'Ambitionz Az A Ridah', 'California Love' and 'Hail Mary' all end up on Kurupt's solo album, which features Daz, Snoop, Rage etc, and is to 'The Chronic' what 'Only Built For Cuban Linx' is to '36 Chambers'.

More as and when they come to me. Suggestions welcome.
I was lucky enough to be given a fat stack of golden era tapes yesterday. Looks like there's lots of treats in there so keep checking back as they'll begin to appear over the next few weeks.
Also, I'm on Kane FM tonight from 9-11pm (UK time) playing old rap music. Come join me if you can.


  1. On Benjamins remix you meant, but regardless who better Sheek verse crazy like his part better than Kiss.

  2. I would've loved a Black Rob verse on Benjamins but def not as a replacement...that may be the best verse Sheek ever had and surely one of Kim's strongest moments

  3. Kim's verse on Benjamins is one of her best ever, so Sheek can get the heave-ho.

    #3 is a dope thought. Dammit Suge.

  4. Not sure if I`d replace anyone on that "All About The Benjamins" joint, but yes indeed Black Rob should`ve been on that fuckin` track!!!

    "100 Miles & Running" would`ve been so much iLLer with Cube on there...

    One could only wonder where `Pac would`ve ended up had he not linked with Suge & Tha Row. I think that he would`ve been more on the political tip than the thug tip, but that`s just my opinion...

    Great wonders & what if`s...

    [b]STaY BLeSS`n[/b]

  5. Mad pedantic comment #237--Suge Knight didn't bail 2Pac out of jail it was his manager, Atron Gregory who put the bail package together!