Sunday 2 December 2012

Tim Westwood - Radio 1 Rap Show (1996)

Another one from the vaults: the Radio 1 Rap Show from 5th January 1996.


Lots of good stuff on this - Mobb Deep, Lord Finesse, Chill Rob G, Goodie Mob,  Special Ed, OC, Luniz, 2Pac (not that I ever need to hear 'California Love' again), Smoothe Da Hustler, Wu Tang, Greg Nice and more. Westwood also has a sudden attack of the "Iggedys" around about 40 minutes into part two which is mildly amusing.
During the show he mentions the previous weekend's Christmas party and as luck would have it, last week someone just happened to send me the recording of the live broadcast, so here you go...


Shout out to Mat for that one.


  1. Shouts to Mat Flint, cheers for the share fella.

    Big thanks to man like Step1 for the transfer, always appreciated. Lookin forward to hearin these 'iggedys'...sounds classic