Thursday 7 December 2017

The TRC Hip Hop Show on Rhythm FM (22.05.94)

Bit of an oddity this one as I can't say I'd ever heard of Rhythm FM. I got the original tape from Grime & Lime.  Having hit up Mr Thing on twitter he mentioned that TRC was the graf crew that First Rate (one of the 3 DJs on this show) was down with, so it could've be a pirate station based around the Kent area. Anyone with any more details please speak up!

If you check this blog regularly you should definitely investigate The Hip Hop Radio Archive. I'll be contributing tapes from the OB4ZL archives and there's always tapes being added. Get involved.


  1. Still an active graffiti crew. I will dm one of them on insta and point him in this direction

  2. All i could gleam off a member of TRC -

    Brighton pirate radio show for a couple of years
    Skore on the decks tenam Mc ing