Sunday 24 December 2017

Eminem & Dr Dre live in London (2000)

Westwood dropped this in the middle of a Radio Rap 1 Show I was ripping and it was more enjoyable than I expected. Em and Dre at the Brixton Academy 3 weeks before the Marshall Mathers LP came out. I found the set list here, and it's about a 50/50 split of Em songs and stuff off 2001, plus G Thang with Em doing Snoop's parts.
Good to see that they stayed true to the tradition of US artists coming to the UK and performing ridiculously short shows (30 minutes!) while probably charging £20-£30 a ticket too. Thankfully that seemed to die out over the last 15 years as touring became a bigger earner than sales, although someone should tell Redman and Method Man, who really should be doing more than 45-50 minutes given the size of their combined catalogues.

UPDATED 26/12 - full Radio 1 Rap Show this was taken from now available here


  1. thanks for this! Definitely got to one of these shows but I think it was Astoria and maybe a year later, still good memories regardless!

  2. wow, im so glad i found your blog today. i think i need to digg deep the next days. my downloader will have a lot work :) thanks for that classic

  3. It was actually an hour show, Westwood just aired a 30 minute version