Tuesday 19 December 2017

Black Rob - Smooth Criminal (Espacio demo)

The Black Rob rarities continue to surface on a regular basis. Once again this one appeared by way of Grime & Lime uploading this DJ Rampage mixtape. It's listed on the cover as 'Smooth Criminal' but what we appear to have is a demo/reference track for Espacio, which ended up being a single off Life Story. There's no Lil Kim on here but Rob does reference Dep and seems to rap a part possibly intended for him. The verses are different from the final version and in typical demo fashion, there's no chorus. It's another storytelling / heist type joint that BR does so well. 


  1. I have another copy of the tape i can check and rip if you'd like 👍

  2. Not any major rush if it's the same mixtape. In terms of better quality I just meant no shout outs etc