Sunday 24 February 2013

Tim Westwood - Capital Rap Show (1993)

Vintage Westwood now, courtesy of Tobes. This is 90 minutes of the Capital Rap Show from August September 93. Snoop had just been arrested for murder and Doggstyle hadn't even hit the shelves, but Westwood debuts 'Whats My Name' aswell as tunes by Scarface, Illegal, Erick Sermon, LONS, London Posse and KRS One...

There's also a 3 minute Onyx promo over Sister Nancy's 'Bam Bam' (or Tenor Saw's 'Ring The Alarm' if you prefer) .


  1. Hey man love your blog SO MUCH! With your encyclopedic knowledge of mix tapes I wonder if you can help me--I'm looking for a copy of a DJ Riz mix that Westwood played around '95, possibly '96 (maybe after, I dunno my memory's cloudy!). He uses three decks and near the start drops Sade's "Smooth Operator" over the "Sucker MC's" instrumental, after that he mixes "Real Love" with "T.R.O.Y" and then comes with a fabulous set of 90's classics. He has a great routine using the "Heel up, wheel up, bring it back then rewind" (I think he uses "Scenario" as well) part of "Scratch Bring It Back" and he's cutting up Erick Sermon's part: "Now about to wreck shop it's the man with the plan". I hope this is enough detail, I played this tape almost exclusively for about a month, lent it to someone who said they'd copy it STRAIGHTAWAY and give it right back to me...and you know the rest! Any help or info would be massively appreciated! Thanks for your time once again LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog you got some fucking GEMS, sir!


  2. This is actually 3rd September 93 (Guardian archive search for the Tony! Toni! Tone! show).

  3. @vollsticks - I dont have that Riz mix but think I know the one you mean. Pretty sure its been uploaded before. Search for Riz Westwood megamix and you might found it.

    @Robin - thanks for the info. been wondering how you knoew the exact dates of these shows.

  4. Vollsticks - here's the Riz mix, one of the greatest hip hop mixes of all time...

    1. Hey thanks man much appreciated! And I totally agree with you, one of the greatest hip-hop mixes EVER. Thanks again RESPECT!