Saturday 23 February 2013

Egon & Dante - The Funk 45 Files

This was a mixtape from UK rap mag Big Daddy, in conjunction with Stones Throw. I'm guessing its a late 90s thing.. Egon and Dante Carfagna select an hour's worth of tasty funk 45s.


Full disclosure: I know very little about funk 45s, Egon or Dante. I only bought Big Daddy Magazine once (it was good but they didn't stock it round my way) and only have one Stones Throw record in my collection (this). I do like having some mixes like this in the stash to throw on now and again though. Once in a while its nice to just be a casual listener and not reference everything in relation to whats come before or after. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. Big up to Andy for sending this tape over, along with a load more that you'll be seeing soon.


  1. Is this available for a re-up? and the J-Rocc mix too if you've still got it. Big fan of their obscure funk 45's thanks.

  2. new link now up for this one. Which J Rocc mix is it? Leave a comment on the post and that will remind to hook it up.

  3. You're a G. Been looking for this for ages online. Big thanks!

  4. Re-Up links??!!!