Friday 21 October 2011

AZ 'Dont Know' (2001)

Another AZ 12" that I recently aquired. Its a decent 80s soul flavoured track which suits Sosa's style down to a tee...


The b-side is labelled as 'Whatcha', which I assume is 'Whatcha Day About' from the '9 Lives' album. I say assume because its actually a printing error and instead you get a clean version of 'Dont Know'. Ah, the joys of unofficial vinyl releases.

If you like this you might want to check this other AZ 12" I posted a while back

For those of you wanting some more tape rips, I'll be back on that tip soon. They're kind of time consuming though and I'm busy with a few other things right now.


  1. Digging up the gems that are so rare they haven't featured on any of the 2 or 3 AZ best/rarities compilations out there.

  2. Its all about the bargain bins! no one seems to give a fuck about early 00s rap on vinyl so its generally dirt cheap.
    Im hoping its the future 'random rap'

  3. Can this be re-upped? Dont see this anywhere online. Is this just Betcha Dont Know from Pieces Of A Man?