Friday, 8 October 2010

Eightball ft Canibus, DMX & McGruff 'Pure Uncut Raw' (1998)

Staying on the white label tip, this is something I'd been after ever since I heard it back in 98 on the Mastermind mixtape I posted recently. Its not an easy find on the net and as far as I can tell it never received an official release. It was only earlier this year that I chanced upon the 12" you see above.

8Ball isn't someone who's catalogue I'm familiar with but this appears to be a remix (its listed as 'Part 2' on the Mastermind tape) of a track from one of his solo albums. A nice dark beat featuring Canibus and DMX when they were at their peak and the always reliable Herb McGruff make this one worth checking out.

Shout out to TheBigSleep - a reliable source for anything with a Harlem connection!


  1. Man, I was plannin' on commentin' on this anyway but then you go and shout me out? Awesomeness.

    And seeing a picture of this white label, it may in fact be the same one I remember. Thanks again, peace.

  2. The original was a southern posse track single from 'Ball's Lost album.

  3. thanks for the info. I'm liking the beat on that original version.

  4. I remember this track came out in CDQ on a bonus CD from some album, I can't find it at the moment though.

  5. Awesome post. I have bookmarked your blog. Best regards Veronica